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BC Liberals should be ‘upfront’ on the HST: Mungall

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 17th, 2011

Despite calls on the BC Liberals to declare the HST is the wrong tax at the wrong time, Christy Clark and her MLAs have done the opposite, says the Nelson-Creston MLA.

Michelle Mungall said the Liberals have not been upfront and honest with the HST about its effect on families and small businesses.

“This week, not only has the Minister of Finance failed to come clean on retaining previous PST exemptions once the HST is voted down, but now he is claiming that the BC Liberals are neutral in the referendum campaign,” she said.

“Their dishonesty, when it comes to the HST, never seems to end.”

Recently, the BC Liberal government started a $7-million HST advertising campaign. Under the guise of explaining the tax, said Mungall, they are persuading people’s votes with their own tax dollars and false information.

Mungall said the NDP will retain all exemptions that existed under the previous PST system once the HST is voted down.

“You will no longer see the HST’s seven per cent increase on haircuts, vitamins, bicycles, energy-saving appliances, and the long list of other items and services that are now more expensive,” said Mungall.

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