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83 kilograms of cocaine was found in the false floor of a minivan

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
May 18th, 2011

A man who tried to smuggle 83 kilograms of cocaine into Canada at the Carson Port of Entry near Grand Forks has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Scott Fleming Powers, a 49-year-old Washington man, used a false floor of a minivan was sentenced on April 7 in relation to a joint Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and RCMP Federal Drug Enforcement investigation.

The minivan was being driven by his wife Diane Marie Green Powers.  Both Powers’ were initially charged, but the charges against Diane have now been stayed.

Scott Powers was found guilty of one count of importation of a controlled substance and one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking. For the four months he served in pre-trial custody, Scott will have four months subtracted from his 14-year-sentence.

Diane Powers’ minivan has also been ordered seized by the courts.

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