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Second dog attack leaves Winlaw man with injuries

April 20th, 2011

An animal control bylaw could be in the works for southern Area H in the regional district as the second dog attack has occurred in Winlaw.

While he was walking on Paradise Valley Road, a man was bitten numerous times by five dogs in an attempt to break up an attack on his Jack Russell dog last Thursday in Winlaw.

The man sustained several puncture wounds and was treated in hospital in Nelson but none are considered serious. The dog was badly hurt.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Dan Siebel plice know who is responsible for the dogs and they plan to issue a warning. He said they could seize the dogs and destroy them to prevent an incident from happening again.

Earlier this month a German Shepherd and pit bull attacked and killed an alpaca in Winlaw after breaking into the area where it was kept.

Currently there is no animal control bylaw in the Slocan Valley. Area H regional district director Walter Popoff said he is looking into what can be done in the area to reign in the number of dogs roaming free.

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