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North Shore, Blewett transit service expansion sought

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
March 31st, 2011

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

Bus service to the North Shore and rural areas west of Nelson is expected to improve when a resolution by a rural director hits the floor Thursday.

Area E (North Shore) director Ramona Faust is expected to propose the resolution Thursday during the Regional District of Central Kootenay board of director’s meeting in Nelson to incorporate an expansion to the transit service.

Faust proposed that, in the wake of board approval of the West Kootenay Transit Master Plan, that the budget for the transit service (Slocan Valley to Nelson) be increased by a maximum of $6,000 for 2011 to provide for an expansion in service to Blewett.

And if a cost efficient transit bus can be provided, the resolution also called for Area E and F portion of the Nelson-North Shore service be expanded to incorporate a late run of 10:15 p.m. to service shopping and evening retail employees on the North Shore.

A maximum of $12,000 will be held in reserve for the expansion until other “funding mechanisms” are explored to offset the cost of the service.



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