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Tracking, hunting and connceting with deer

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 8th, 2010


Join wildlife biologist Chris Morasky in an glimpse into the life of the white-tailed deer. Learn how to read its many signs, how to get close to it, and for hunters, how to successfully hunt and follow a deer to the trail’s end.

Keep track of this one: Pathways School is offering the course Tracking, Hunting and Connecting with Deer this Sunday.  

This course runs from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 10 at The Rare Earth Society land at Nine-Mile on Nelson’s North Shore.
The workshop will cover increasing your awareness and becoming a part of nature, not an intrusion upon it, understanding what limits your awareness, and finding blocks due to sensory numbness, disuse, and trauma response.

As well, people will learn how the brain filters our senses, silent walking and wide-angle vision, stalking, still hunting and choosing a stand, and reading trails, fresh versus old sign, and understanding seasonal use patterns.

Through the workshop people will begin to understand the deer’s senses and “worldview,” learn about camouflaging your scent, ceremony and camouflaging your mind, and deer vital areas and where to aim for a quick and efficient kill.

For hunters, rifle versus bow efficiency and differences in point of aim will be discussed, with reading hair found at the point of impact, determining location of wound and learning how to read different blood trails and interpreting location of wound and length of trail and time.

Finally, the workshop will unravel an actual (mock) blood trail.

This course has been taught to Hunter Safety instructors and received a very positive response. This course will teach you to become a better tracker, naturalist and hunter.
For people not participating in Full Circle the cost is $60.


Directions to the Rare Earth Society Land
At about Nine Mile, which is about nine miles (15 km.) north of the orange bridge in Nelson, go past the long straight stretch of the road north from Nelson.  

Go over the Sitkum Creek Bridge and past Sitkum Road. Go about 200 metres past the bridge, then left on Granger Road.  

The road goes up then switches back parallel to the highway; stay to the right. At the end of the road, there is a dirt road that goes up. Take the dirt road, not the paved driveway.

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