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Rink draws fire, again

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 7th, 2010

Financing problems on a Kamloops project continue to plague the developer of Nelson’s Kutenai Landing.

One buyer on the Mission Hill project in Kamloops has filed suit in BC Supreme Court to get money back from New Future Building Group — operated by Kutenai Landing developer Mike Rink — while another project supplier has filed a lawsuit seeking payment, the Kamloops Daily News is reporting.

Rink told the Kamloops paper the project is caught up in financing problems and hasn’t been able to get the funds advanced since May.

The Kutenai Landing project was granted a two-year extension by Nelson City council in in August of 2009. Citing a downturn in the economy, Rink received a two-year extension on the completion date of all phases of the project — and the re-zoning bylaw was re-opened for a third time and was passed without a public hearing.

City director of corporate services, Linda Tynan, said, at the time, the developers did not have the financing in place yet to build because their product has not moved forward.


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