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Electric avenue upgrades begin in downtown core

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 20th, 2010

The Baker Street lanes conversion project civil work has commenced at Vernon Street in the Hume Lane (directly behind the Best Western Hotel) heading East to Falls Street.

The downtown electrical upgrade is part of Nelson Hydro’s long range transmission and distribution upgrade plan.

The project consists of upgrading the electrical distribution system in the City of Nelson downtown core. 

The existing structures have overhead primary and secondary lines with transformation mounted on poles and overhead platforms. 

These will be replaced with a system having overhead secondary lines, underground primary lines and pad mounted transformers (ground level islands). The primary supply voltage will be changed from 4kV to 25kV, which will result in a reduction of distribution losses.

A project directional map with approximated timelines will be posted on the City of Nelson website ( to provide people affected by the construction some indication of timelines as to when their particular areas may be affected.  

Current Project Construction Schedules:

  • Civil construction will continue in 2010 until the winter or inclement weather requires work stoppages.
  • Re-commencement of civil construction will again be dependent on weather patterns.
  • April/May 2011 completion of all civil related works.
  • Electrical installation portion of the project, which includes underground cable systems and transformers, will commence as soon as predetermined sections of the civil works are completed (therefore advancing completion of the actual electrical installations and project completion). 
  • Spring/summer 2011 — customer transfers to the new distribution system.
  • Fall 2011 Telus and Shaw Cable commence transfer of plant and customers to respective new systems.
  • 2011/2012  — remove old infrastructure (two pole structures and wires)

If you have any questions or concerns please call Nelson Hydro at (250) 352-8240.


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