LETTER: Why Teachers May Be Forced Into Job Action

LETTER: Why Teachers May Be Forced Into Job Action

Like all of you, teachers only want the best for their students.

Despite bargaining for more than a year with the government there has been little progress made at the negotiating table.

We have been waiting, very patiently, for the government to provide the necessary funding required for us to move forward in achieving a negotiated collective agreement.

CAMRA calls for better beer legislation

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Despite the growing popularity of craft beer in British Columbia, many consumers are still being left in the dark when it comes to knowing exactly what’s in their glass and a local consumer advocacy group is asking them to make a fuss about it. 

LETTER: Water Meter Extortion?

LETTER: Water Meter Extortion?

"If you don't let me put a water meter in your home, then I'm going to put one outside your home - and I'm going to charge you for it."

Does a city have the authority to add additional water infrastructure like this and then charge individual residents for it?

On Monday, April 8th, Grand Forks, BC residents learned a few things...

Q & A — The Grand Forks Water Meter Plan

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Water meters have been the center of debate in Grand Forks in recent months, raising many questions from residents—during council meetings, public events and coffee shop discussions— about the City’s pending plan. Here is a look at some of the key questions and answers, as provided by Chief Administrative Officer Doug Allin and municipal documents.

Who will be doing the installations?

LETTER: An open letter to Mayor Taylor

LETTER: An open letter to Mayor Taylor

This open letter to Mayor Brian Taylor was submitted by Grand Forks resident Julia Butler. 

Dear Mayor Taylor

At the council meeting on March 10, I presented council with a letter from Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development stating, “I assure you that the Province of British Columbia does not require local governments to build new assets before applying for funding. You commented on the installation of water meters,...”  

Jewel Creek farm creates Kickstarter project to fund DVDs

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“You don’t have to smell like patchouli and have dreadlocks to be interested in this,” said Glaser laughing, as he explains his Kickstarter project and also the stigma that goes with natural living.

Coun. Wirischagin asks for voluntary water metres this year

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The topic of water metres came before council again at their regular meeting Monday night. Coun. Michael Wirischagin brought up his concerns during his councillors report early in the meeting.

He started by telling council he was part of a group that is dedicated to improving communities in BC. When he met with this group, they discussed water metres, which flagged some concerns for him.

Fire centre reminds people to use caution this spring

Fire centre reminds people to use caution this spring

The Southeast Fire Centre is asking the public to exercise caution while conducting any outdoor burning activities this spring.

As the snow melts, dried grass from last summer gets uncovered and that material can be highly flammable. Almost all wildfires at this time of the year are caused by people and are therefore preventable. 

Homeowners and industry personnel are encouraged to consult the B.C. FireSmart manual, visit the Wildfire Management Branch website: and take the following precautions: 

GF talks future and politics

GF talks future and politics

The City of Grand Forks, participated as one of three municipalities out of 26 in a pilot ‘Community Engagement’ project sponsored by the Association of Kootenay and Boundary Local Governments (AKBLG) on March 12 at the Omega Restaurant. Seventy-five local citizens registered to join in a lively discussion facilitated by Leslie Taylor of L.A. Taylor Consulting, Banff, Alberta.

The goal of the evening was to solicit discussion and ideas from the community about:

Former minister fights to keep ALR at meeting last week

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BC’s former Minister of Agriculture and Food Corky Evans spent over an hour on March 12 sharing the reasons British Columbians should fight to save Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) to a full house of concerned citizens at Selkirk College.

He was invited by Grand Forks & Boundary Regional Agricultural Society (ag society) and supported by the BC Food Systems Network (BCFSN) to rally against the proposals to change the 40-year-old ALR and ALC (Agricultural Land Commission).

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