Plastic Overload

Photo from David Suzuki Foundation

Science Matters
Vol. 17, No. 8
24 Feb 2015

We have to stop filling and killing the oceans with plastic

By David Suzuki

Eight million tonnes. That’s how much plastic we’re tossing into the oceans every year! University of Georgia environmental engineer Jenna Jambeck says it’s enough to line up five grocery bags of trash on every foot of coastline in the world.

Concern for flagging Kootenay Lake fishery draws big crowd

Senior Fish biologist Jeff Burrows (center by screen) presents information to a packed house. — Suzy Hamilton photo

The short version is that there are too many mouths to feed.

The longer version is that it may take anywhere from two to ten years for the Kokanee to recover in Kootenay Lake and everyone has to help.

That was the message from Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) biologists who spoke to a packed meeting of more than 250 people at the Balfour Hall Monday night.

Residents save "bagged" deer

Photo submitted by Heather Rattray

A Grand Forks deer is luckier than most, after being spotted with a bag fixed to her head. The deer was first spotted in the Ruckle area of the city on Saturday night around 5:30 p.m. with a bag tightly wrapped around her head.  

At first, residents tried to rally the authorities, with no immediate results. By Sunday morning, concern was growing because the deer was still wandering the community with the bag adhered to its head.

OPINION: Wildlife habitat losing every fight with forestry and agriculture

OPINION: Wildlife habitat losing every fight with forestry and agriculture

(Hon. Steve Thompson) 

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you facts that with few exceptions can be corroborated that illustrate why nothing less than a complete overhaul of the management of our wildlife and wildlife habitat resource  can reverse the dramatic decline in many wildlife populations and the steady compromise of critical wildlife habitat by other stakeholder interests.

Letter to Minister Thompson

Letter to Minister Thompson

(Hon. Steve Thompson) 

Once again Minister Thomson I urge you to review an extremely weak argument that has resulted in the Gilpin Grasslands becoming an important motorized vehicle recreation area.

Neonics: Bad For Bees, Bad For Us

Photo from David Suzuki Foundation

Science Matters
Vol. 17, No. 6
10 Feb 2015

Bees matter, so restricting neonics is the right thing to do

By David Suzuki

Why New Democrats Voted Against Conservative Agriculture Bill

Why New Democrats Voted Against Conservative Agriculture Bill

The Conservative government accuses MPs who voted against their new “Agriculture Growth Act” as having no understanding of farming. However, this claim does not jibe at all with the farmers that I have spoken to who seem to think otherwise.

Nelson to join #ShutDownCanada demonstration Friday at High Noon

Friday at High Noon, demonstrators will be joining in the #ShutDownCanada movement.

Vancouver is planning to join the cause.

So are Calgary, Edmonton, Fredericton and Kamloops.

Not lost in the #ShutDownCanada demonstration this week is the Heritage City where people are planning to march outside city halls, shut down highways, occupy high traffic areas.

Wolves and Mountain Caribou: "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

Mountain Caribou

By:  John Bergenske, Conservation Director for "Wildsight"

I have been involved with mountain caribou since the 1970’s and as Wildsight since the 90’s when we first sponsored caribou research in the Purcell Mountains. It has been clear since that time that there are no simple solutions or easy answers to mountain caribou recovery.

The Supreme Court has Ruled:

The Carter Team at the Supreme Court of Canada

(There are many people in the world named "Carter", but Les Carter of Rossland -- your editor's husband -- is a member of the Carter family in this lawsuit.  Kay Carter, who had to travel to Switzerland for the "death with dignity" that she wanted, was his dearly beloved and well-respected aunt.  This case has been of particular interest to your editor for that reason.)

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