About That New Water Act: What We Still Need

Image from:  POLIS Project for Ecological Governance

Rossland had a fairly dry summer in 2015,  with watering restrictions imposed in additon to our water metering.  Now that rain has returned, our reservoirs are filling up again, and there is even enough water  that snow-making operations are well under way on Red Mountain.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief -- for now.

This item, about BC's new legislation governing water use, is fresh from the POLIS Project on Ecological Governenance: 

OP/ED: Protect water sources from free ranging cattle

OP/ED: Protect water sources from free ranging cattle


I am sharing a few pictures that represent a typical water/grassland scene on the Gipin Grasslands.

The pictures showcase the largest tributary to Morrissey Creek before the creek drops into a canyon and an adjacent meadow that was the site of a recent forest thinning burn. Morrissey Creek watershed is one of five watersheds within the Proposed Gilpin Grasslands Wildlife Management Area designation.

A Popular Pope and the Historical Wrongs of Religion

A Popular Pope and the Historical Wrongs of Religion

The Catholic Church is the ghost of the Roman Empire, the popes are the authorities most clearly in line of succession to the emperors of Rome.”

                                                          -- historian W. I Thompson



There has been lots of conversation about bears and how to live in harmony with them.  Removing food items that attract them is really important.   Instead of just talking about it let’s get out as a community and do something about it!   Meet me, and Sharon W.

LETTER: Top two federal parties suppressing and oppressing working class Canada

LETTER: Top two federal parties suppressing and oppressing working class Canada

Is The US Dollar Collapsing, or is it Not? There are three schools of thought on where the US dollar is headed, some say it will be dead before Sept. 2015  is over. Some believe it is business as usual, while a third group points to the US dollar as deflating.

Now I’m a Canadian, and personally, I do not care who is right, or who is wrong. But, what I do care about, and what is abundantly clear to most  working class people, in Canada, is that back in the 1990s, good living wage  jobs came under attack, (with government help) they were dissected into  part-time jobs, and that (with government help) permanent living-wage (living  income) job creation was discontinued, and never restarted.

Premiers Produce Oxymoronic Energy Strategy

Alberta Pipeline Spill

By David Suzuki

On July 15, a state-of-the-art new pipeline near Fort McMurray, Alberta, ruptured, spilling five million litres of bitumen, sand and waste water over 16,000 square metres — one of the largest pipeline oil spills in Canadian history. Two days later, a train carrying crude oil from North Dakota derailed in Montana, spilling 160,000 litres and forcing evacuation of nearby homes.



Several West Kootenay communities, inlcuding Rossland,  will soon be reducing their carbon footprint thanks to $168,000 support from Columbia Basin Trust and FortisBC.

Over the next year, participating local governments will work alongside the Community Energy Association (CEA) which will provide expert support to help communities, in FortisBC’s electric service operating area (in Columbia Basin Trust’s region), find ways to use less energy in their community.


Based on a staff recommendation at  Regular Meeting of Council on June 22, 2015, and in response to years of  safety concerns brought to Council by many residents,  Rossland City Council has recently reduced the city’s local road speed limit from 40 km/hr. to 30 km/hr. in order to increase street safety for all residents.  Crews will shortly be placing a “3” over the “4” on the existing signs to alert drivers to the new 30 km/hr.

LETTER: Thanks owed and lessons learned

LETTER: Thanks owed and lessons learned

Ed. Note: for the context of this letter, see full coverage by following this link.

I just want to give a huge thanks to all those who played a part in allowing me and my family to keep Chumlee and Rosie. 

I first must thank my wonderful neighbours who signed my original petition that I submitted to city council and the creation of an online petition that was signed by almost 600 people within 24 hours.  The support you showed us was amazing. 

I would like to thank the various media and social network outlets that told our story which led to the overwhelming support of this wonderful community we call home. 

HEU stages rally against plans to privatize hospital laundry services Saturday in Nelson

HEU workers staged a protest through the streets of Nelson, concluding at the City Hall Courtyard Saturday.

Laundry workers at Kootenay Lake Hospital are being joined by Hospital Employees Union (HEU) president Victor Elkins at a rally Saturday, starting at 11 a.m. at the Baker Street Best Western Hotel on the 100 Block of Baker Street.

The group will then parade to City Hall where Elkins will be one of the key speakers at the rally against the Interior Health Authority's plans to privatize hospital laundry services in 11 communities.

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