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Three high school boys from Vancouver are making a movie.  Correction:  three young men who have graduated.  They've been allowed to graduate early to work on this project, and they're busy raising funds for the work.  The introduction video (above) tells a bit about why they're doing it.  It's an ambitious and exciting idea;  I'm looking forward to seeing the 90-minute finished product.

BC Residents Want Big Money Out of Politics

Across the province, 86% of residents support a ban on corporate and union political donations.

Voters in British Columbia believe corporations have outsized influence in determining government policy, thanks in part to unlimited political donations, a new poll by Insights West has found.

Hockey Talk, Airbnb issues, Washington Street Excavation Schedule, and More.

Hockey Talk, Airbnb issues, Washington Street Excavation Schedule, and More.

Present:    Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Lloyd McLellan, John Greene, Andy Morel,  Aaron Cosbey, Andrew Zwicker.  Marten Kruysse  arrived at 6:25.

Staff:  new Chief Administrative Officer Brian Teasdale,  Consulting Chief Financial Officer Steve Ash,  City Planner Stacey Lightbourne, Manager of Public works Darrin Albo, Executive Assistant Alison Worsfold

Beyond Recycling: Native Seed 'Bombs'

Beyond Recycling:  Native Seed 'Bombs'

Mrs. Heikkila’s Gr. 6/7 class at Rossland Summit School enjoyed getting their hands dirty while making their own Native Seed Bombs for Earth Day.

The students have been participating in Beyond Recycling, a 24-week Wildsight program that tackles topics such as energy, waste and consumption. Using a hands-on approach and local community expertise, the program empowers students to come up with creative and positive solutions to environmental challenges.

Whooping Cough Still a Threat: IHA says 'Don't Wait -- Vaccinate'

Whooping Cough Still a Threat:  IHA says 'Don't Wait -- Vaccinate'

Interior Health is reminding parents and caregivers to make sure their children’s immunizations are up to date. This timely reminder comes as pertussis cases continue to occur in several Interior Health communities.

Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is a serious infection of the lungs and throat. Pertussis can affect individuals of any age; however, its effects are most severe among infants who are too young to be fully immunized.

OPINION: The Dirt on BC Hydro's Contracting Practices

Contractors have been clearing land for the Site C dam.

Another month, another Site C contract and once again with one of those almost – but not quite – Canadian companies.

On April 6, Canadian Press quoted Premier Christy Clark as stating “Montreal-based Voith Hydro Inc. will design, supply and install six turbines, six generators and associated equipment.”

Voith would be more accurately described as a family-owned, German-based company with operations in Montreal and dozens of other locations around the world.

What a Shock! More Electric Rays in BC Waters

electic ray

By David Suzuki

Gary Krause was mystified by an unusual fish he caught in his trawl net off B.C.’s Pacific north coast in October. It was a Pacific electric ray, named for a pair of organs behind its head that can knock a human adult down with a powerful shock.

Trawl fishery records show 88 of these rays in B.C. waters since 1996. Although an electric ray was first recorded off Vancouver Island’s west coast in 1928, nearly a quarter of the more recent sightings came from 2015 alone.

Brain Exercise: RED Talks on April 29

Last Year's RED Talks Speaker, Hannah Klem, in action

It's for sharing ideas, talent, and skills.  Attend RED Talks at Rossland's Old Firehall on April 29th, and  we can enjoy an event planned by Rossland's youth and designed for the whole community.  Rossland's Seven Summits Centre for Learning and the Rossland Youth Action Network (YAN) are hosting the third annual Red Talks.

This year's theme is "Giving Back."

Lots to do to Celebrate Earth Day


Rosslanders can celebrate Earth Day all week by participating in fun, family oriented activities organized by local community groups and co-ordinated by the Sustainability Commission.   This year,  celebrations include the annual Rossland Real Foods Chicken and Compost Crawl,  a special Shop Local, Eat Local  themed Rossland Mountain Market,  a Pitch In community litter clean-up,  free kids activities at the Museum and Library, the return of the Centennial Trail Doggie Doo Waa and the launch of a

OPINION: Empires and Their Problems; Will We Ever Learn?

OPINION: Empires and Their Problems; Will  We Ever Learn?

Not Learning from Empires: saying Yes to imperial temptation

“Take up the White Man’s Burden…”                -- Rudyard Kipling

“[G]overning India is the fulfillment of a mandate from God… the miracle of the world.”

 – Lord Curzon, British Viceroy in India

“Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”    -- Percy B. Shelley, Ozymandias

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