June 8 marks World Oceans Day, but what if we celebrated oceans every day? Covering more than 70 per cent of Earth’s surface, oceans, more than anything, define our small blue planet. We should celebrate their complex and vibrant ecosystems, life-sustaining services, calming effects and unimaginable diversity, much of which we have not yet even discovered.


Time for a change -- to no time changes!

Tired of afternoons as dark as night in the fall, after the onset of Standard Time?  Weary of having to force your body to adjust to a new time regime twice a year?  There's hope on the horizon: the BC Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution at its AGM on May 31 to ask the BC government to work with other provincial and state governments in the Pacific Northwest Economic Region and the Pacific Coast Collaborative to all adopt Daylight Saving Time as the Pacific "standard"  time -- to stay on daylight saving time all year. 

Lower Part of Green Door Trail Closed -- Another "Door" Opens

Wild Chervil

The lower section of Green Door Trail (the field below the "waterhole corner"), will be closed as of Monday, June 13, 2016 to accommodate invasive plant management, specifically Wild Chervil. The trail is on Teck-owned land and managed by the Kootenay Columbia Trails Society (KCTS).

Column: From the Hill -- Bill C-14 and Access to Medically Assisted Dying

Column: From the Hill -- Bill C-14 and Access to Medically Assisted Dying

By Member Of Pariliament for South Okanagan- West Kootenay, Richard Cannings:  Bill C-14, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make related amendments to other Acts (medical assistance in dying)

COLUMN: Feeding Humanity in a Warming World

COLUMN: Feeding Humanity in a Warming World

Calculating farming’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is difficult, but experts agree that feeding the world’s people has tremendous climate and environmental impacts. Estimates of global emissions from farms range widely. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency puts them at 24 per cent, including deforestation, making agriculture the second-largest emitter after heat and electricity.

A New Truck with Rossland Carshare


News Flash!  Rosslanders who join Rossland Carshare now have access to a pick-up truck as well as a car.  The 2000 Ford Ranger is a new addition, and is here on a trial basis, to assess demand.  Hint:  joining Carshare will be much less expensive than buying, insuring, and maintaining a pick-up truck of your very own for those  occasions when you  need to transport  stuff that won't fit in the car.  Or in your bike trailer. 

COLUMN: Catastrophe Punctuates the Human Story

COLUMN:  Catastrophe Punctuates the Human Story

Disaster in “Canada’s most divisive city”

When I label Fort McMurray our ‘most divisive city’ I am stealing the phrase of a Globe and Mail journalist. It is an apt label. Fort Mac and what it symbolizes – the fossil-fuel industry and resource capitalism – does indeed divide us into camps according to our political response to climate change.

COLUMN: Eating Less Meat Will Reduce the Earth's Heat


Will vegans save the world? Reading comments under climate change articles or watching the film Cowspiracy make it seem they’re the only ones who can. Cowspiracy boldly claims veganism is “the only way to sustainably and ethically live on this planet.” But, as with most issues, it’s complicated.

OPINION: Electoral Reform Committee makes a mockery of Law Commission Recommendations

OPINION: Electoral Reform Committee makes a mockery of Law Commission Recommendations

How We Vote

Reforming the system by which we elect members to the House of Commons was an issue for at least one political party in the last federal election, but it is not a new topic. Arguably the most extensive study undertaken on the subject was the 2004 Law Commission Canada report: Voting Counts: Electoral Reform for Canada.


See video

Three high school boys from Vancouver are making a movie.  Correction:  three young men who have graduated.  They've been allowed to graduate early to work on this project, and they're busy raising funds for the work.  The introduction video (above) tells a bit about why they're doing it.  It's an ambitious and exciting idea;  I'm looking forward to seeing the 90-minute finished product.

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