Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff speaks to fire chief debate

Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff speaks to fire chief debate

Dear Kyra:

Thank you for writing a rebuttal with regard to the hiring of a second deputy fire chief and the Fire Chief as the airport manager. It certainly has ignited a lot of dialogue in our community – which is great. Almost a year ago, council debated the merits of hiring a second deputy fire chief during our budget meetings. There were two main reasons why we decided to add the position:

Genelle fire victims debunk rescue story

Genelle fire victims debunk rescue story

A couple who have lost everything in a mobile home fire Tuesday (October 15) are feeling further victimized by accounts (including one in The Source of two local men saving them from the fire.

Ron, 74, and Joy, 68, Roshinsky say that's absolutely not how the situation played out.

Trailer fire in Genelle not suspicious

Photo courtesy Linnett Schmuland.

A trailer fire in Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park in Genelle yesterday has left roughly $180,000 damage and a family without one of their pets.

Kootenay Boundary Regional Fire Rescue Cpt. Greg Ferraby said the call came in 1:47 p.m., and crews arrived on scene at 2:03 p.m. to 500 16 Avenue, where they found the fire already fully involved. Thirteen firefighters from Trail company and one from Genelle managed to keep the blaze in check, though, preventing it from leaping to other structures in the park (the only damage to other buildings was melted siding on a nearby shed).

LETTER: Councillor responds to reader's commentary about fire chief

LETTER: Councillor responds to reader's commentary about fire chief

Ed note: This letter is in reference to comments made by Paul Therderahn in a letter to the editor published in the Castlegar News, and to a comment made by Ron Armbruster in response to my subsequent rebuttal of that letter in The Source (see )

Dear Editor,

Selkirk offers one-day course to help you deal with media

Lorna Visser of Carmanah Strategies

If interviewed by the media, would you be prepared to be spokesperson for your community group, charitable organization, interest group or business? If you’d like to brush up on your speaking and presentation skills, an upcoming Selkirk College media skills course will help improve your ability to get your message across.

COMMENT: Rebutting the rebuttal of my rebuttal ...

COMMENT: Rebutting the rebuttal of my rebuttal ...

For those of you who haven't been following this story, this is a response to the comment after my column last week, which can be read at

To the author of said comment:

College of the Rockies uses simulators to train haul truckers

A College of Rockies instructor puts a student through the paces using a training simulator. — Submitted photo

Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk got a hands-on demonstration Wednesday of a haul-truck simulator during a visit to the College of the Rockies.

"Haul-truck simulators at the college are preparing students in the region for B.C.'s mining sector with hands-on training," said Virk.

"We expect thousands of jobs in the mining sector to open up over the next few years - particularly in the Kootenays - and we need to ensure we are training students in the right region with the right skills."

Crocodiles and Ice - A conversation with adventurer and visionary, Jon Turk

Jon Turk has been everywhere .  .  .  and then some.

In 1971, Jon Turk turned down a promising career in organic chemistry and chose the path less trodden. Turk, 67, has spent the past 40-plus years traveling the world in search of adventure and meaning in a world obsessed with oil, technology and consumerism.

A longtime environmental educator, upon return from his adventures Turk speaks and writes about what he has learned in an effort to raise awareness about the direction in which human culture is headed and the environmental tipping points we are facing in the new future.

There is no Santa and no History. Expect neither presents nor lessons

There is no Santa and no History. Expect neither presents nor lessons

“Those who do not know the past will repeat it.”       -- George Santayana

“History does not repeat itself. People do.”               -- Voltaire

“The chief practical use of history is to save us from plausible historical analogies.”

World Food Day raises awareness of hunger and poverty

 Nelson/Creston MLA Michelle Mungall rolls up the sleeves to help with a group of volunteers at Our Daily Bread. —Submitted photo

In advance of Wednesday's (October 16) World Food Day, MLA Michelle visited social service providers throughout Nelson to support and celebrate the many volunteers fighting hunger in the community.

“The amount of time and energy that volunteers put into preparing food in this community is truly inspiring,” Mungall explained in a media release.

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