Cause of cancer points to modern factors

By Marek Doyle, Organic Consumers Association

Diet, pollution and modern living conditions have been implicated as the factors responsible for cancer, concluded researchers, after analyzing the remains of almost 1,000 individuals from ancient Egypt and Greece.

The investigation, conducted by a team from Manchester University, looked into medical literature of the time for descriptions of cancer symptoms as well as examining today's remains for signs of the disease.

Common cold virus may be linked to childhood obesity

Common cold virus may be linked to childhood obesity

 Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have found that a common cold virus may be linked to childhood obesity.

Back to school, Part One

Back to school, Part One

September is usually a time when everyone gets back into their routines, whether work, school or home. This a great time to think about setting a good foundation for the winter months ahead. Let’s start at the base of health- sleep.

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