Opinion: Putting patient food in the hands of corporations reveals the trouble with normal

An underwhelming hospital sandwich

It's amazing what we gradually accept as normal -- even admirable -- in how we treat each other in Canada. Practices that were once seen as a repugnant surrender to government indifference, like food banks, are now virtually celebrated as a high point of citizen engagement and promoted as such by our public broadcaster once a year. And other practices, like hospitals and seniors' care homes that once had their own kitchens and cooking staff, are seemingly a thing of the past, a "luxury" that we have no hope of ever getting back.

COLUMN: Fight Colds and Flu with Blue Elderberry

A cluster of blue elderberries.

With the start of frosty nights, I’m seeing the blue elderberries turn their purple-blue colour, so it’s time to start thinking about making your elderberry tincture. As long as they’re that wonderful dark purple-blue colour, it’s time to pick them and make one of the best flu busters there is.

Interior Health urges public to fight influenza with a flu shot

IH says a flu shot is an effective way to help protect the public, especially children, pregnant women, seniors, people with chronic illnesses, and others who are most at risk from influenza and its complications.

Every year in Canada, about 12,200 people are hospitalized and 3,500 people die from influenza or its complications.
The public can help themself and those around stay healthy, prevent illness and potentially save lives in one easy step – by getting your annual flu shot.

Nelson Flu Vaccine Schedule

Castlegar Flu Vaccine Schedule

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans sued for putting wild salmon at risk

Wild salmon reach a spawming bed.

The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans is breaking the law by not testing B.C. farmed salmon for a virus that has spread like wildfire in Norway and Chile, before allowing them to be transferred into open-net ocean pens alongside wild fish.

A Plentiful Harvest

Conversations about food often include favorite meals and restaurants.  But in the Columbia Basin-Boundary food conversations are increasing and evolving, including discussions on local agriculture, food security, and related policies and plans. Food is a hot topic these days, and these conversations include a diversity of people, from farmers to community groups, local governments, and economic development agencies.

Public meeting Tuesday to discuss sale of Trail Smoke Eaters to US interests

Public meeting Tuesday to discuss sale of Trail Smoke Eaters to US interests

The sale of the Trail Smoke Eaters BCHL hockey team will be a fantastic boost for the community, according to Smoke Eaters president Tom Gawryletz. Despite the tremendous support of the Trail Smoke Eater Society, public volunteers and its staff, the future of the community-run hockey team remained uncertain, until now. The board of directors of the Trail Smoke Eaters have announced a public information session regarding the sale.

Editorial Musing: New MSP Premiums for 2017

Editorial Musing:  New MSP Premiums for 2017

How much do you pay for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)?  This year, if you're a single person who earned $21,900 (or so) last year ("adjusted net income"), you'll pay nothing  -- as long as you applied for Premium Assistance.

New legislation coming to address vaping products

Among youth and young adults, 20% reported having ever tried an e-cigarette.

Vaping isn't for everyone — including the Government of Canada.

On the Government website, the Canada's Federal Tobacco Control Strategy said there will be introduction of new tobacco legislation to address vaping products in Canada.

“Smoking tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Canada, affecting the well-being of all Canadians, including youth," said Jane Philpott, Minister of Health, confirming that the Government of Canada is moving forward on an extension of the Strategy to address vaping products.

Kalein Hospice Society abandons free-standing hospice facility goal

Maintain a patient centered and relationship centered approach to all initiatives.

The city’s hospice society is abandoning its long-time goal of a free-standing hospice facility.

Kim Bater, executive director with the Kalein Hospice Society, told city council Monday night to that although day hospice will be opening on the Kaleiin grounds in January of 2017, the goal of the free-standing hospice facility won’t happen.

Wild Pacific salmon face an upstream battle for survival

Wild Pacific salmon face an upstream battle for survival

Wild Pacific salmon face an upstream battle for survival

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