'Initiative Petition Application' underway, to change paramedics' bargaining rights


British Columbia’s Chief Electoral Officer, Keith Archer, has granted approval in principle on an initiative petition application. The petition will be issued to proponent Joshua Henshaw on Monday, January 9, 2017. The title of the initiative is: An initiative to amend the Fire and Police Services Collective Bargaining Act.

The draft Bill proposes to amend the Fire and Police Services Collective Bargaining Act (the Act) to give ambulance paramedics the same collective bargaining rights as firefighters and police officers.

NDP Candidate and MLA Katrine Conroy out listening to constituents

Katrine Conroy, NDP candidate for Kootenay West, spent a Saturday gathering feedback from residents while canvassing the Village of Slocan. Seen here with Village of Slocan resident Madeline Perrier.

Kootenay West NDP Candidate, Katrine Conroy, hit the streets over the weekend, going door to door in the Village of Slocan, asking residents about what issues concern them and gathering signatures on a petition requesting the BC Liberal government stabilize funding for education in the province.

Fowl play at council - urban chicken project takes wing

Fowl play at council - urban chicken project takes wing

It’s official – the urban chicken pilot project in Castlegar is set to soar, after city council’s regular meeting Monday night.

But it won’t be a poultry free-for-all, and not everyone with a hen yen can fly out and buy birds. A key element of the project will be a steering committee involving members from SPCA, Bear Aware, IHA, and Conservation, as well as individuals with experience in poultry husbandry, such as the owner of FlusterCluck Farms.

Kootenay-Columbia MP announces Scholarship Opportunity for Young Leaders

Kootenay Columbia MP Wayne Stetski said recipients will travel three times during their scholarship year — twice to Ottawa and once internationally.

MP Wayne Stetski, as part of an all-party delegation comprised of almost 50 Senators and Members of Parliament, recently joined EF Education First to announce the EF Canadian Youth Ambassador Program.  
The five-year initiative will provide annual travel scholarships and training to 30 Canadian young people representing every province and territory, with several scholarships reserved for First Nations and at-risk youth.



It has long been well known that fine particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) containing carcinogens, including benzene and other toxic chemicals, are released from wood burning stoves and that these are a proven serious health hazard. 

However, what is not widely known is the scale or magnitude of the impact of wood burning stoves on particulate levels in the atmosphere, especially in urban areas.

Op/Ed: Why your stuff turns to junk so fast (and cooks the planet)

Someone once wanted every bit of this junk.

Note:  This article was originally posted on the Worldwatch Institute blog. Worldwatch is an independent research organization based in Washington, D.C. that works on energy, resource, and environmental issues.

COLUMN: 'World Class' Oil Spill Response a Failure

Wind and waves make it impossible to "contain" oil spill near Bella Bella.

In July, a pipeline leak near Maidstone, Saskatchewan, spilled about 250,000 litres of diluted oil sands bitumen into the North Saskatchewan River, killing wildlife and compromising drinking water for nearby communities, including Prince Albert. It was one of 11 spills in the province over the previous year.

COLUMN: From the Hill -- Forestry and Trade Wars

Dick Cannings, Member of Parliament for South Okanagan West Kootenay

The forest industry has been a critically important sector in the BC economy for over a century, but it has been hit hard.  A 30-year trade war with the United States cost our industry billions of dollars.  The softwood lumber agreement did bring back certainty to lumber export access and costs, but the Canadian industry paid a very high price for that certainty, and many mills didn’t survive.

Victoria's pricey secrets

Four million documents linked to the firings have mysteriously materialized.

Just how far is the B.C. government willing to go to guard its secrets? A great distance, if the 2012 health ministry firings are any indication.

Four million documents linked to the firings have mysteriously materialized out of thin air for the latest investigation into the scandal, this one by B.C. ombudsperson Jay Chalke.

There's a history behind some of those documents, where they were, how they were handled and by whom.

Arry Dhillon wins city council by-election by just 10 votes

Arry Dhillon wins city council by-election by just 10 votes

Preliminary election results have Arry Dhillon winning the Castlegar council by-election seat by a margin of just 10 votes.

Preliminary results are: Arry Dhillon, 692, Cherryl MacLeod, 682, Janna Sylvest, 398 and Tyler Maddocks 72, with 1844 voters and 134 new registrations.

“That's just enough that I can feel comfortable – it's unlikely there will be 10 spoiled ballots,” Dhillon said, right after hearing of his win.

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