Kootenay Co-op rallies against new federal definition of 'local' and launches 'True Local' program

Kootenay Co-op rallies against new federal definition of “local” and launches “True Local” program

The federal government is changing the definition of the word “local” as it applies to food labeling, and the Kootenay Coop says that will hurt many of the farmers that it buys from. The Co-op’s move to fight the change began with a rally in front of its Baker St. store on Saturday.

At the rally the Co-op unveiled a petition and kicked off a new local marketing strategy.

Anti-Government Protests Rock Turkey

Anti-Government Protests Rock Turkey

In 2001, Recep Tayyip Erdogan established the Justice and Development Party (AKP). In November 2002, it won nearly two-thirds of parliamentary seats. It did so with 35% of the vote.

Earlier dominant parties were rebuffed. Hard times aroused public anger. Voters rejected corrupt political rule. At the time, Istanbul newspaper Sabah called AKP’s triumph a “revolution by impoverished Anatolia against the old political guard.”

BC says no to Northern Gateway Pipeline

BC says no to Northern Gateway Pipeline

The following is a press release issued by the Environment Ministry:

British Columbia has made its final written submission to the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel. In the submission, the province states that it cannot support the project as presented to the panel because Northern Gateway has been unable to address British Columbians' environmental concerns.

City should lead by example, says Bear Aware coordinator

This garbage can on city property at the trailhead at the top of Stanley Street is just one of dozens of municipal containers that do not meet the bear-proof standards that residents are expected to follow. — Bill Metcalfe photo

There are about 145 garbage cans on city property in Nelson, and only two of them are wildlife-proof. This despite the city’s wildlife attractant bylaw that carries a $2000 fine for residents whose outside garbage containers could be opened by a bear or a raccoon.

While the city appears to be in violation of the spirit of its own bylaw, it is at least taking an even-handed approach: it doesn’t expect residents to comply either. And it does nothing to educate the public about the bylaw.

Shooting Robson cougars the only humane option; rumours of fourth cougar false

A resident photo of one of three juvenile cougars shot in Robson yesterday

The shooting of three cougars in Robson yesterday afternoon was not just the necessary way to protect public safety, it was also the only humane option for the animals as well, according to Conservation Officer Ben Beetlestone. He also debunked rumours of a fourth cougar sighted in the area.

Beetlestone said his partner took a call Tuesday reporting three cougars walking down a Robson street.

OP/ED: Scandal and Corruption in Canada's Right Wing Governments

See video

Leo Panitch: Toronto's right populist Mayor is accused of crack use and PM Harper accused of covering up corruption in the Senate - their more serious crimes are attacks on workers rights and on public services.

Coquitlam-Maillardville to get judicial recount with just 35 votes between top two candidates

Winner by 35 votes, Selina Robinson

After the completion of final count in the Coquitlam-Maillardville electoral district for the 40th Provincial General Election, Elections BC will be making an application to the Supreme Court for a judicial recount. A total of 35 votes separate the top two candidates, and under the Election Act, an application for a judicial recount must be made by the District Electoral Officer if the difference between the top two candidates is less than 1/500 or .2% of the total ballots considered.

Bears, compost, tasers, yellow fish, pet stores, a sister city, and more: Nelson City Council May 27

Bears, compost, tasers, yellow fish, pet stores, a sister city, and more: Nelson City Council May 27

Every second council meeting is the Committee of the Whole, at which community groups, individuals, and the city’s staff and committees can bring information and requests to council.

No decisions are made at these meetings but some items might be referred to a regular council meeting for a decision. That was the case on May 27 with Councillor Donna Macdonald’s notice of motion about composting.

Macdonald wants to get composting happening

Sober second thought

Sober second thought

The question of whether to abolish or to elect the Senate tends to flare up in the wake of a crass partisan appointment or a flagrant abuse of privilege. That question, however, should not be allowed to negate the question of the Senate’s purpose.

BC’s Election Stunner: Five Lessons for the Left

BC’s Election Stunner: Five Lessons for the Left

The NDP’s stunning loss in B.C. is being deconstructed, dissected, analyzed and mourned over not only here but across the country. Every pundit and political junkie, including me, thought the NDP would win, even after their lead suddenly dropped. But unfortunately, most of the analysis won’t be very helpful for those individuals and organizations hoping and fighting for a better country.

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