Incumbent councillor Dan Rye shares platform

Incumbent councillor Dan Rye shares platform

My name is Dan Rye and I am seeking a second term on Castlegar City Council. It has been an honour to serve the citizens of Castlegar for the last three years.

I moved to Castlegar in 1999 with my wife Randi and have been employed as store manager at Kootenay Market since arriving.

I have a long record of Community service, including:

Vandals rain on Pat Severyn Campaign, go on sign-stealing spree

 Mayor candidate Pat Severyn poses with one of the few election signs remaining after thieves stole more than a 100 from streets and byways in and around Nelson.

“Fear the Stache”.

That slogan may not worry incumbent John Dooley or challenger Deb Kozak during this run up to the municipal election in Nelson, but some one is out to stall Pat Severyn Campaign Bus after more than 110 signs were stolen over the past couple of days from street corners, yards and cul-de-sac in the Heritage City.

“When I started this campaign I expected about a 10 percent loss of signs,” Severyn, adopting a “mustache branding” on his election signs, told The Nelson Daily Thursday.

Meeting on fate of Blueberry Creek school draws hundreds

Meeting on fate of Blueberry Creek school draws hundreds

More than 225 people crowded into the Blueberry Creek Community School (BCCS) gymnasium Monday night for a school-district-initiated meeting to discuss the fate of the property on which the school is housed.

MacCharles selected to succeed 36 year veteran Simon Grypma as new City Fire Chief

Len MacCharles . . . impressed with the professionalism of the fire department. — Submitted photo

The City of Nelson has found the man to fill some very big boots at Nelson's famously historic Fire Hall.

Calgarian Len MacCharles, who has worked in the Calgary Fire Department since 1981, will be at the helm of Nelson Fire and Rescue, as of November 17.

"We were very impressed with the knowledge and the initiative that Len has shown throughout his career," says Nelson City Manager Kevin Cormack in a written statement.

Council candidate John Phillips, in his own words

Council candidate John Phillips, in his own words

My name is John Phillips and I am running for the position of Councillor for the City of Castlegar in the Nov. 15 civic election.

Police ask for more staff, biomass energy for Nelson moves forward, greenhouse gas reduction project enters second phase, sustainability awards jury named-- Nelson City Council October 20, 2014

Teacher Jeff Yasinchuk and Nelson's Chief Librarian June Stockdale handed out books to all council members, press, and spectators at this week's council meeting and assigned four minutes of silent reading as part of the Teacher-Librarian's Association's "Drop Everything and Read" campaign.

The following is a summary of the proceedings of Nelson City Council meeting on October 20.

Nelson police ask for more staff 

The Nelson City Police (NCP) is requesting an additional $311,00 for 2015, an increase of 10.2% over the previous year's budget of  $3,060,229. The increase would cover the cost of two additional police officers and an adminstrative staff person.

RDCK chair says talk of nuclear waste coming to Salmo 'completely nuts'

Welcome to the "Home of the Stone Murals" and not the "Home of Nuclear Waste Dump".

The sign welcoming visitors to Salmo reads, “Welcome to Salmo, Home of the Stone Murals.”

Regional District of Central Kootenay director Hans Cunningham certainly doesn’t want to see the sign changed to read, “Salmo, Home of Nuclear Waste Dump” anytime soon.

The RDCK Area D director was responding to a question during a recent meeting asking about a recommendation by an Ontario engineer to store the province’s nuclear waste near Salmo.

Candidate Pat Severyn explains to The EcoCentric why he should be next mayor of Nelson

Pat Severyn  . . . mayor not the boss but a good facilitator

The mayoral candidate with the mustache speaks with The  EcoCentric.

In an interview this week on “The EcoCentric” on Kootenay Co-op Radio, Pat Severyn told listeners why he thinks he should be Nelson’s next Mayor.

Listen to complete interview between Bruce Edson and candiate Pat Severyn, here.

Dick Cannings becomes SO-WK riding candidate for the NDP

Dick Cannings becomes SO-WK riding candidate for the NDP

Yesterday, members of the federal NDP Riding Association for South Okanagan – West Kootenay (SO-WK) came together and, along with hundreds of others who voted by mail-in or online balloting, chose Richard (Dick) Cannings as their candidate in the 2015 election. 

Born and raised in Penticton, Cannings’ books and radio appearances have made his name a familiar one throughout British Columbia.

Council candidate David Grantham, in his own words

Council candidate David Grantham, in his own words

My name is David Grantham and I am running for Castlegar City Council.

I personally would like to challenge the City of Trail to stand up and do what is right for the entire region and all their brothers, sisters, and friends in neighbouring communities, and to agree to the fact that we all know to be true, "We need a new Regional Hospital".  I personally could care less where one gets built, it just needs to be done, not just for the sake of Castlegar, but for the sake of all in our entire region. The sooner we start acting as one, which is needed with this ever changing global economy, the sooner we start down a path as a progressive and dynamic region. Our entire region needs to change focus from one of self protectionism, to that of a region with forward thinking and new ideas, which could only help our small businesses who struggle to survive in these changing times. Either you change and adapt your way of thinking, or time passes you by.

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