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by Robin Yassin-Kassab on Thursday Oct 28 2010

Editor's note: the following is a list of things that took place during the author's trip to Palestine a couple of weeks ago.

A large demonstration was held in central Nablus calling for the release of the thousands of prisoners held in the Israeli gulag.

Israeli forces shelled Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority arrested 53 men in overnight raids.

I passed a...

by Nelson Daily editor on Saturday Oct 16 2010

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

The long arm of the regional district board has given its support to the return of the long form of Census Canada, over two months after the federal government moved to replace it with a voluntary survey next year.

Nelson director on the Regional District of Central Kootenay board, John...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Friday Oct 08 2010

Well, so much for the “Democratic” in the New Democratic Party!  Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson was politically hauled in, drawn and quartered , his remains expelled in the middle of the night from the NDP caucus, for daring to criticise the content--or lack of content--in a SPEECH by party leader Carole James.


Judging by the massive over-reaction by James, you would have thought...

by Murray Dobbin on Tuesday Aug 31 2010

 As we head into a new political season it looks depressingly like the old: a stand-off between the malignant minority government of Stephen Harper and the seriously diminished Liberal Party and its hapless leader Michael Ignatieff. Both these parties and their leaders are so off the mark in terms of what Canadians want and need that they can't even break through the 30 per cent support mark....

by Contributor on Monday Aug 23 2010

Selkirk College and Amnesty International will be launching the fall Mir Centre for Peace Lecture Series with a passionate and important talk by Alex Neve, Secretary-General of Amnesty International Canada.

His lecture, Protecting Human Rights: What’s Happening to Canada’s Voice, will focus on the concerns surrounding Canada’s fading human rights leadership and will put a powerful call...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Aug 16 2010

The decision by B.C.’s “Acting” Chief Electoral Officer Craig James to stall the anti-HST petition until court cases are dealt with MUST be challenged in court. I believe he’s wrong; he made a mistake; he went far beyond his proper role in validating a petition.

 He has in effect destroyed B.C.’s democratic  petition legislation, because if his decision is allowed to stand, no petition...

by Mona Mattei on Thursday Aug 12 2010
Grand Forks city council got an earful from the public at a meeting about the options to save the international railway running to Kettle Falls, WA. As council made their case to the 70 people in attendance at the meeting, many people spoke passionately on both sides of the decision.
Council is faced with a decision to hire consultants to examine the business case...
by David Livingstone on Tuesday Jul 27 2010

Since the early 1970s, there has been a broad international agenda led by right-wing American foundations to sway public opinion towards greater acceptance of an economic philosophy called Neoliberalism, of which Canada’s Fraser Institute has been a pivotal part.

It is by tracing the connections between the Fraser Institute and several prominent Canadian politicians, like Prime...

by Andre Carrel on Thursday Jul 22 2010

The B.C. Government announced that it will implement all 31 recommended changes to local government legislation submitted by the Local Government Elections Task Force. One recommendation of particular interest concerns the length of the term of office for local government politicians.

Council terms have been the subject of repeated reviews. Until 1973 councils were elected to one-year...

by ProPublica on Monday Jul 19 2010

By Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica

There's nothing like a spy story to get the journalistic juices flowing. They have all the elements. High stakes. Betrayal. And, if you're lucky, sexual intrigue. The true import of spy stories is more difficult for readers to weigh. The facts are...


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