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by Nelson Daily Editor on Monday Aug 15 2011

Humans w/Ricco and Vinnie The Squid

@ Spiritbar, Friday, Aug. 19 at 10 pm

So it’s not entirely true that opposites attract, but it is true that when two opposites get together, things become a lot less mundane.

This is certainly what’s happened between Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq,...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Aug 15 2011

Former Vancouver Canuck forward Rick Rypien, 27, was found dead Monday in his Southern Alberta home town.

Alberta RCMP confirm police attended a home in Coleman Monday afternoon where  a man was found deceased.

Rypien's death is not considered suspicious and has been deemed a sudden death.

The 5’9”, 190-pound winger had recently signed on with the Winnipeg Jets...

by Nelson Daily Sports on Monday Aug 15 2011

The Kootenay Ice Major Midget squad was back on the ice this weekend at the NDCC Arena gearing up for the upcoming season.
The Ice, part of the 11-team B.C. Major Midget Hockey League, is coached by Mario DiBella and assistant Sean Dooley.

The staff put the team through practice Saturday before the players was split up for the intra-squad game Sunday morning.


by Nelson Daily Editor on Monday Aug 15 2011


@ The Spiritbar, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 10 p.m.

When Stu Boga Fergie was only a child, his Yakin Andu elders gifted him with the nickname DidgeriStu, a nod to his prodigious skills on the didgeridoo. They must have had a gift of foresight.

Now, DidgeriStu is all grown up, and his...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Aug 15 2011

Tighten your water budget, water conservation measures are in effect in the city until the end of September.

During the summer season, daily residential water use can more than double over winter consumption, primarily because of lawn and garden watering and car washing.

But that excessive sprinkling during summer months draws down the...

by Nelson Daily Editor on Sunday Aug 14 2011

A government review panel has painted a picture of a bloated B.C. Hydro Corp. which is overstaffed by up to 1,200 employees.

Panel member Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland, acting deputy minister of advanced education, said Thursday that the Crown corporation is overstaffed in the communications, human resources and engineering departments.

The panel...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Sunday Aug 14 2011

The question of why the toadlet crosses the road is simple biology — to get to their home on the other side — but the question of why so many have to die each year isn't.

Tens of thousands of western toadlets, each not more than the size of a dime, get squashed as they attempt the treacherous migration from the shoreline of Summit Lake to upland habitat across Highway 6, about 90 minutes...

by Contributor on Sunday Aug 14 2011
With summer in full swing, critters are busy with breeding, raising young, and foraging filling up for their yearly supply of food. Grand Forks is home to many species at risk because of the unique environment and the habitats it provides especially in the grasslands.
A species at risk is one that is endangered of becoming extinct. There are provincial, federal, and...
by Gerry Foster on Sunday Aug 14 2011
Way back in 1959 the late Billy Grammer recorded his biggest hit, Gotta Travel On. The 2011 Grand Forks International Baseball tournament (GFI) is just around the corner, and many baseball players could well be singing this song as they prepare to travel to Grand Forks. It is quite fascinating to follow their stories.
We are very much a mobile generation and...
by Andy George on Sunday Aug 14 2011

Brazen thieves made off with a $12,000 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in the early hours on Saturday despite attempts by neighbours to stop them.

 Darwin Benson, of Grand Forks, was victimized by thieves who targeted his prized red Honda ATV on Saturday night.
“Those bastards took my quad,” steamed an obviously frustrated Benson. “We nearly got them as they...


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