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Phoenix Mine geneaology to be featured on BBC radio Sept. 6

A grave site in the Phoenix graveyard may have a connection to a modern person in Wales. Photo courtesy of Boundary Museum Archives.

Long dead Phoenix miners and a modern-day Welsh connection will be featured on a British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) radio Wales program on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 10:30 a.m. British time.

The popular BBC program, Jamie and Louise, hosted by Jamie Owen and Louise Elliott, will be including genealogist Cat Whiteaway in their morning discussions tomorrow. During her interview, Whiteaway will be offering advice on tracing your family history which includes a modern person with a connection to the Phoenix mine.

OP/ED: Beware the dangers of 'Tall Poppy Syndrome'

OP/ED: Beware the dangers of 'Tall Poppy Syndrome'

This week’s column is going to be focused on a major pet peeve of mine; it may seem a bit ‘ranty’ because I’m feeling a little hormonal today … so bear with me. It’s something that has always bugged me but has become more apparent to me recently through certain interactions and conversations. So without further ado, Christine’s pet peeve of the week is … (drum roll, please) … Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Time is running out on getting 54-40 tickets

Time is running out on getting 54-40 tickets

Time is running out fans of 54-40 to see the ban in person Friday, September 14 at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson.

The band is celebrating 30 years of rock and roll, and Nelson is one of the stops on the anniversary tour.

One of the most important popular music groups to emerge from the Canadian cultural landscape is slated to play the beginnig at 7:30 p.m.

One Book, One Kootenay 2012 selected book announced, The Third Crop comes out on top

One Book, One Kootenay 2012 selected book announced, The Third Crop comes out on top

The readers read, they considered—and they voted. Author Rita Moir’s The Third Crop: A personal and historical journey into the photo albums and shoeboxes of the Slocan Valley 1800s to early 1940s (Sono Nis Press 2011) is the book to read in 2012 according to Kootenay book-lovers who took part in the 2012 One Book, One Kootenay reader’s choice event. OBOK is an annual project of the Kootenay Library Federation.

It was close, says OBOK organizer Helen Graham.

‘Curators of thought’ take note: Selkirk College’s Writing program is offering some exciting new features this fall

Almeda Glenn Miller

This fall Selkirk College’s second year Studies in Writing courses will be offered on multiple campuses (Nelson and Castlegar) and in a hybridized format that combines face-to-face sessions with online work. Beyond that, the courses will offer a new ‘project mentoring’ focus designed to support writers who aspire to complete longer, possibly book-length creative writing pieces.

OP/ED: On putting the wrong foot forward to celebrate 40

OP/ED: On putting the wrong foot forward to celebrate 40

A good friend of mine just had her 40th birthday. Her birthday request – for a small group of friends to go on a three-day hiking excursion up Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. The kind of adventure where you pack EVERYTHING you will need to survive in the wilderness for several days into a ginormous 30-pound backpack and waddle up the mountain with ski poles and bear spray. She’s the type of girl who always wants to do crazy stuff like that – hike so far up a mountain that you reach snow … in August.  

I know, crazy.

Nelson Actors, Politicians, and Lawyers Re-Enact Gay Marriage Trial

Nelson Actors, Politicians, and Lawyers Re-Enact Gay Marriage Trial

Michael Graham has recruited a cross-section of people from the Nelson community—including some lawyers and politicians—to take part in a theatrical reading by the Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

They will be producing 8, a play based on court testimony from Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, a recent successful court challenge of Proposition 8, an initiative that would have outlawed gay marriage in California. (The State of California is now appealing the decision to a higher court.)

The show runs on August 31 at the Capitol.

COMMENT: Too much Happy Valley farm … or too little imagination?

Happy Valley—not just a pretty face

Recent comments by Coun. Cary Fisher and Coun. Jill Spearn—regarding Brenda Trenholme's appeal to subdivide her Happy Valley property—taste like a slice of logical swiss cheese on a slab of imagination tofu.

Combat engineers say massive Kootenay exercise hugely successful despite incident on Columbia River

Combat engineers from the Washington Army National Guard and the Canadian Army Reserve conduct capsize drill

Over 150 Canadian and US battle engineers are pulling out of Trail and Castlegar after Wednesday’s traditional close-of-exercise pig roast, according to Canadian Forces Major Dan Thomas, at the end of EXERCISE KOOTENAY CASTOR, a joint training exercise with combat engineers from Washington and Trail, Chilliwack and Vancouver.

Region relatively unscathed as fire season heats up, despite blazes near Redstone, at Celgar and in the Arrow Lakes area

Photo of fire near Redstone, taken from a Rossland balcony by Tom Jones

Bar a blaze that destroyed a Genelle home and injured a firefighter (see:, the tri-city area remains relatively unscathed during a hot, dry fire season this year, even though several smaller fires have started this past week - including one at the Zellstoff Celgar pulp mill.

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