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by Contributor on Friday Apr 20 2012

Despite strong opposition from conservation organizations, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has granted eco-certification to Nova Scotia’s swordfish longline fishery which is responsible for killing 35,000 sharks and 200-500 endangered sea turtles each year as ‘bycatch’.

According to yesterday’s announcement by the MSC, the eco-certification – with a stylized blue fish and checkmark...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 11 2012

Until this year, the purpose of the annual Canadian federal budget was to project government revenues, lay out spending priorities and forecast economic conditions for the upcoming year. Reading Budget 2012, announced last week by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, it soon becomes clear that this government has no intention of being encumbered by pedestrian fiscal objectives. The Harper government...

by Contributor on Thursday Mar 29 2012

by Marc Lee, Canadian Centre of Policy Alternatives

First off, the 2012 federal budget that makes no upfront claim to be a budget. Indeed, the cover states only “Economic Action Plan 2012: Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity.”

While we have been accustomed in recent years to budgets with their own titles, this one does not actually say “Budget” anywhere.


by Murray Dobbin on Thursday Mar 29 2012

There will be lots of soul searching and head scratching going on this week about what happened with the NDP leadership race. The mechanics of the convention, the interesting lack of deal-making, and how the balloting progressed are all fodder for those who enjoy going through the entrails of leadership conventions. Others will be analyzing the various campaigns of the frontrunners, looking...

by Contributor on Saturday Mar 24 2012

The Huffington Post

Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair has been chosen to succeed Jack Layton as leader of the New Democrat Party.

Mulcair claimed 57.2 per cent of the vote in a fourth-ballot victory over chief rival Brian Topp, who claimed 42.8 per cent.

The two front-runners were the last men standing after a day-long voting marathon that was plagued by online delays,...

by Contributor on Thursday Mar 22 2012

MP Alex Atamanenko (BC Southern Interior) said the Conservative’s plan to make changes to the Fisheries Act in an omnibus federal budget bill next week has been exposed and the federal government needs to come clean on its agenda.

A former DFO employee Otto Langer leaked documents last week that shone a light on government plans to strip the Fisheries Act of habitat protection...

by Murray Dobbin on Monday Mar 19 2012

There are so many factors that NDP members have to look at when choosing who to vote for in their leadership race that I don’t envy them (I am not a member). How do you weigh the various elements: policies, philosophy, engaging personality, ability to take on Stephen Harper in the House, co-operation with the Liberals, and support for proportional representation? Are they likely to bring...

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Mar 14 2012

It might be useful for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to read a U.S. state department cable from Israel released by Wikileaks. It reveals that talk of Iran's imminent production of nuclear weapons goes back to the early 1990s: "The head of the MFA's [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] strategic affairs division...

by Contributor on Saturday Mar 10 2012

The Canadian Alpine ski community took another hit Saturday.

For the second time this year tragic news has stopped the sport in its tracks as one of its own - ski cross racer Nik Zoricic - was killed while racing in Switzerland.

Zoricic, 29, died Saturday after crashing during a World Cup event in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

His death follows that of Olympic half-pipe...

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Feb 29 2012

You can say one thing for the powers that be in the banking industry. They’ve got a lot of nerve.

This past week our own finance minister Jim Flaherty, along with Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, came out strongly in opposition to a modest proposal to...


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