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by Murray Dobbin on Monday Jun 25 2012

Of all the appalling abuses of democracy and ruthless dismantling of the country represented by Bill C-38 one stands out of as representative of the right wing dystopia that Stephen Harper has in store for the 99 per cent.

And that is the mentality and ideology behind the draconian changes to EI. This is particularly true of the changes affecting seasonal workers in the...

by Charles Jeanes on Wednesday Jun 20 2012

I have been writing about politics lately.  Now I will turn my attentions to a wider subject, minds and consciousness.

It is a great virtue of history that—through its study--people can be cured of thinking they are undergoing something unique, when in historical fact something very similar has happened before. Harper is in no way a statesman of the stature of John A. Macdonald or...

by Contributor on Sunday Jun 10 2012

An estimated 1.7 million households in 10 major centres undertook renovations in 2011 according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC’s) Renovation and Home Purchase Survey released today. This represents about 37 per cent of homeowner households, a slight decrease from 42 per cent, or 1.9 million households, in 2010. The estimated average cost of renovations undertaken in 2011...

by Contributor on Monday Jun 04 2012
Greetings to you, my friends in the Rest of Canada (ROC)
I am writing you because i am really concerned that English Canada is not getting good information on what is happening right now in Québec.  Particularly lamentable is the CBC and the Globe and Mail.  And, apparently, Maclean’s.
You are being presented with a lot of information...
by Charles Jeanes on Wednesday May 30 2012

There is one basic, foundational ground on which all politics in Canada must find traction, or not have any effect.

This is it. Less than 15% of the people are "political" as part of their daily thinking and activity. They are the few to whom the actions of politicians, and their words and opinions, matter. The rest are not going to bother with politics until an election.

Bill 22...

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday May 23 2012

Stephen Harper, too, shall pass into history, recorded as one of the most destructive, personally malignant personalities ever to have soiled the Canadian political landscape. But in the meantime, Canadians are so distracted by his political blitzkrieg through the agencies, policies, programs and institutions that make Canada what it became over five decades, that we are in danger of losing...

by Contributor on Wednesday May 23 2012

Acclaimed Canadian author Erna Paris is the 2012 recipient of the WFM - Canada World Peace Award.

The award, to be presented July 12 in Winnipeg, recognizes an outstanding Canadian whose work advances awareness and action in support of a more peaceful future for humanity.

Paris ( is the author...

by Contributor on Sunday Apr 29 2012

By: Jordan Bateman, British Columbia Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

If you could put a loonie into a machine and get $23.30 out every time, would you ever stop?

Probably not. That human nature may explain why Members of Parliament have been moving so slowly to reform their platinum-plated pension plan....

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Apr 25 2012

Something is happening in Canada that seems, in the context of a majority Harper government, counter-intuitive. Harper continues implementing his right-wing revolution by fiat, and Preston Manning’s “democracy” institute says Canadians actually want “less” government and more individual responsibility. Yet a flurry of polls in the past few weeks and months suggest two dramatic counterpoints to...

by Contributor on Monday Apr 23 2012

RCMP in Alberta announced Monday that over the weekend, they arrested and charged Travis Vader, aged 40, with two counts of First Degree Murder in the deaths of Lyle McCann and Marie McCann.

The elderly couple was reported missing by their family on July 10, 2010. They were last seen alive on July 3, 2010.  Mr. Vader was arrested at the Edmonton Remand Centre where he was being held on...


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