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by Murray Dobbin on Tuesday Feb 15 2011

 As tens of millions of Egyptians celebrated their victory over a brutal dictator and began the task of creating democracy, the story from Canada was of democracy going backwards. For five years under Stephen Harper, Canada has been subjected to a systematic erosion of democracy (as I document here). Canada is not Egypt and...

by Murray Dobbin on Friday Feb 11 2011

 In watching the live streaming coverage of the Egyptian revolution on Aljazeera I am awe-struck by the incredible humanity of what is unfolding in that country. I imagine Jean Jacques Rousseau wandering amongst the throngs of people and being equally amazed and delighted. For the character of this uprising, this outpouring...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Friday Feb 11 2011

With all the attention focused on the BC Liberals and NDP leadership races, you may not have noticed: the next federal election campaign is already under way.


The vote will take place in late April/early May.

The first visible sign were those negative TV ads launched by the federal Tories a couple of weeks ago. And true to the expected Tory campaign strategy, the main...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Feb 08 2011

Can natural electricity powered by electric eels be converted into enough usable energy to power our iPods, Blackberrys or even laptops?

That is the question posed by the second semi-finalist selected in the Year of Science Choose Science, Go Far, Win Big contest.

The winning idea is from Jiwan Toor, a 16-year-old student at Fleetwood Park...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Sunday Feb 06 2011

Legislation giving adults more options when making their own plans in the event of incapacity comes into force Sept. 1.

Incapacity (or personal) planning provisions are part of the Adult Guardianship and Planning Statutes Amendment Act, 2007.

The act will be phased in, with other changes such as those related to adult...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Sunday Feb 06 2011

By BC Federation of Labour

Job numbers released Friday by Statistics Canada show British Columbia continues to lose jobs.

BC lost 9,100 jobs in January and was the only province to see significant job losses. Most other provinces showed job gains, including Ontario which created 36,300 jobs in January, and Alberta which saw job numbers...

by Andre Carrel on Friday Feb 04 2011

The focus of politics has shifted over the past two to three decades from issues to personalities. Media reports refer to Conservative or Liberal governments or to Harper or Campbell governments, as if federal and provincial governments were owned by political parties or their leaders.

Such references are indications that our parliamentary democracies have become totalitarian democracies...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Friday Feb 04 2011

A new report produced by the Ministry of Children and Family Development offers insight into the challenges, goals and key priorities of B.C. families – and how they have changed over the past few decades. 

Titled Family Roots, the report is the Province’s first step in establishing a baseline of government programs and services for children, youth and...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Wednesday Feb 02 2011

By Simi Heer

BC Hydro's Standing Offer Program has received a facelift.

Changes to the program will help to increase the mix of B.C.'s supply of clean, renewable energy.

First introduced in 2008,...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Feb 01 2011

Small businesses across B.C. will be able to access free energy-efficiency advice, equipment and incentives with the new LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program.

The $15-million, three-year LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program will help meet the needs of sectors such accommodations, retail, agriculture, offices and more than $4.5 million allocated for upgrades in the...


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