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by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Apr 12 2011

British Columbia's electricity system is one more major step closer to modernization Monday with the confirmation of Itron Inc. as BC Hydro's metering system provider to supply approximately two million new electric meters over the next two years as part of its Smart Metering Program.

Itron will provide its OpenWay smart meters, run over a multi-application...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Saturday Apr 09 2011

Some key dates for the HST referendum were announced Friday.

• Monday, June 13 – Elections BC starts mailing out referendum ballots for the HST to all registered voters.

• Friday, June 24 – Majority of British Columbians have received the ballot.

• Friday, July 8 – Last day for unregistered voters to request a ballot...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Friday Apr 08 2011

NDP leadership candidate Nicholas Simons has dropped out of the race and is joining fellow leadership hopeful John Horgan, who many speculate is currently running third.

Simons is a two-term New Democrat from the Sunshine Coast and has served as the Opposition's critic for children and family development.

Simons refused to provide his social...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Apr 07 2011

The government of British Columbia has appointed a panel of senior officials to review BC Hydro and develop options to reduce the impact of hydro rate increases on B.C. families.

“Our goal is to find the right balance between investing in our hydro system, while keeping rates as low as possible for BC families – and this review will help us do just that,” said Energy...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Apr 07 2011

In partnership with BC Hydro and FortisBC, the Province of BC is extending and improving its LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program, where homeowners can receive more than $7,000 in rebates for energy saving improvements and equipment.

The program is extended for an additional two years and rebates for improvements like insulation, draft-proofing and high-...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Apr 05 2011

Over one million British Columbians will receive their April quarterly payment of the BC HST Credit beginning this week.

The BC HST Credit is for lower-income individuals and families. Eligible lower-income British Columbians receive up to $230 annually for each family member through the B.C. HST Credit.

For example, the credit provides a...

by Contributor on Tuesday Apr 05 2011

The re-negotiations of the federal-provincial-territorial health accord are on the horizon, and everyone is looking for a way to save money and improve health.  Sound impossible?  Why don’t we put our money where our mouth is?


It’s a strange truth of Canadian public policy: the care of our lips, tongues, and throats is fully covered by public funding, but not our teeth and...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Apr 05 2011

Ask anyone who has lived under a dictatorship and they will tell you of its ugly features: A Supreme Leader who rules with an iron fist; legislation pushed through by a rubber stamp legislative assembly with little or closured debate; government officials ordered into silence or fearful of speaking up; and a press denied the right to even ask questions, let alone get any answers.


by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Apr 05 2011

Ousted MLA Bill Bennett is back with the BC Liberals after he was welcomed back to caucus Tuesday in a “consensus-style” decision.

Bennett was removed last fall over highly critical comments about then-premier Gordon Campbell’s leadership style, describing him as a bully who left some members suffering from symptoms similar to "battered-wife syndrome."

by Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Apr 04 2011

The effects of the massive Waneta Expansion Project on the communities of the greater Trail area are now being scrutinized by a socio-economic monitor, named to the project this week.

The partners in the Waneta Expansion project — Fortis Inc., Columbia Power Corporation, and Columbia Basin Trust — announced the hiring of Cathy Scott-May, a local consultant, as the...


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