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by Kimberly Joines on Monday Dec 07 2009

Hey Rossland,

It’s been a while since I’ve written, so I thought that I’d check in.  After nearly 2.5 months off to heal a shoulder injury, I am finally cleared to get back out and ski.  I was about half way to crazy, and now I’m probably about half way to fully healed.  Turns out I will be needing surgery, but it’s something I am able to put off until after the games.  Nothing like...

by Dr. Brenda Gill on Monday Dec 07 2009

Recently, there have been articles in health magazines in regards to acid-base balancing and what that entails. It is based on the essential metabolic processes in the body. These processes take place at the smallest cellular level. Energy is acquired in humans by the breakdown or oxidation of large carbohydrates into smaller compounds from which the cell draws nutrients for it’s activities...