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Regional News

By Boundary Sentinel on Thursday Nov 10 2011
UPDATED SATURDAY 11:00 AM: Current PM2.5 levels have returned to the FAIR category. Advisory and voluntary burn ban have been cancelled.
Friday morning:
The Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Interior Health Authority has issued an air quality advisory for Grand Forks because of high concentrations of fine particulates which...
By Andrew Bennett on Wednesday Nov 09 2011

 Spirit of Red will host their annual Snow Dance on Nov. 19 and hope to break through their fundraising goal of $17,000 to secure a life-size bronze statue of Olaus Jeldness, "the father of skiing in Rossland," for the conspicuous corner of Columbia and Washington in downtown Rossland.

Event chair Roly Worsfold hopes people will be enticed to the party not only by the rock 'n' roll of...
By Andrew Bennett on Wednesday Nov 09 2011
Glen Saby has diligently measured snowfall in his Rossland backyard since 1987, and this year is no exception. To our knowledge, Saby's data are the only consistent snow measurements in the Rossland area over the last quarter century.

"I'm still measuring," he said on Tuesday afternoon. "We had a little bit a week and a half ago, three-quarters of an inch or so...
By Mona Mattei on Tuesday Nov 08 2011
Christmas came early for the fund raising committee of Habitat for Humanity Boundary when they received the news of a $242,000 donation.
“We started building when we had $100,000 secured knowing that we need $300,000 to finish the project. This just tops us off,” said Rick Friesen, part-time executive director for Habitat Boundary. “We were pretty much running out of...
By Kyra Hoggan on Monday Nov 07 2011

School District 20 parents will be receiving blank report cards today, with no marks entered, just attendance records.

This, because the district is obligated to send home report cards but teachers are not, within the current job action, required to fill them out.

Accompanying the emailed blank report cards is a letter from school district superintendent Greg Luterbach, which reads...

By Rossland Telegraph on Monday Nov 07 2011

Ah, Trail. The Golden and Silver Cities have had somewhat rocky (Balboa) relations over the last few years with impasses and imbroglios centred around the Three S's (schools, sewage, and swimming). What's a council from little old Rossland to do? Good question!

JODY BLOMME: Our schools need to stay open.  The Trail Aquatic Centre issue needs to be resolved but...

By Kyra Hoggan on Monday Nov 07 2011

The High River Times got a smack-down of the first order last week, from a Castlegar city councillor who read an editorial casually slurring Castlegar.

The editorial was referring to towns that smell bad (see and apparently councillor Kevin...

By Contributor on Saturday Nov 05 2011

With a slight change in the U-19 format this year, the Rossland Council for Arts in Culture has partnered up with the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology to bring you the REEL Youth Film Festival.

Screenings will begin at noon on Nov 26th at the Miners Hall with a $3 admission charge.  The REEL Youth Film Festival features some of the best in international youth film-making,...

By Contributor on Friday Nov 04 2011

Selkirk College’s Teaching and Learning Institute proudly presents its version of the popular hit comedy CBC Radio show The Debaters on Nov.15 at 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the Pit at the Castlegar campus.

Members of the public are invited to join and participate as two anonymous Selkirk College instructors impersonate authors Nicholas Carr (Internet doubter) and Clay Shirky (...

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Nov 03 2011
With five candidates running for the position of Area D director the competition is tough but Teresa Taylor seems to have won the opening round of debates.
A small crowd of rural Grand Forks residents took in the all candidates’ debate on Tuesday night at the Grand Forks Senior Secondary School and grilled the hopefuls with a series of hot questions.