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LETTER: Thanks owed and lessons learned

LETTER: Thanks owed and lessons learned

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I just want to give a huge thanks to all those who played a part in allowing me and my family to keep Chumlee and Rosie. 

I first must thank my wonderful neighbours who signed my original petition that I submitted to city council and the creation of an online petition that was signed by almost 600 people within 24 hours.  The support you showed us was amazing. 

I would like to thank the various media and social network outlets that told our story which led to the overwhelming support of this wonderful community we call home. 

Waneta Expansion Project celebrates grand opening

Waneta Expansion Project celebrates grand opening

The Waneta Expansion Limited Partnership (WELP), a partnership between Fortis Inc., Columbia Power Corporation and Columbia Basin Trust, celebrated the grand opening of the $900 million, 335 MW Waneta Expansion Project, near Trail today. The official grand opening celebration took place at the facility with project stakeholders, contractors, government representatives, and First Nations.

CBT gets $3.34 mill to bring high-speed Internet to the Koots

CBT gets $3.34 mill to bring high-speed Internet to the Koots

Everyday tasks that were once done in person, such as shopping, communicating, learning and banking, are now done online. To help Canadians have better access to these and many other online opportunities, the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry and Minister Responsible for British Columbia, and David Wilks, Member of Parliament for Kootenay–Columbia, announced that the Government of Canada will provide $3.34 million to Columbia Basin Trust to bring high-speed Internet services to approximately 11,000 households in British Columbia.

Explosive excitement on tap at 2015 Firefighter Games in Pass Creek

Interfor's purchaser, Terence Hedges, finishing superintendent Allan Jmayoff and Dustin LePage show off the full lift of 12-foot 2X6s donated by Interfor for the 2015 Firefighter Games
See video

The term ‘explosive’ is an exaggeration often used to get people excited about something, but make no mistake – it’s a 100-per-cent-accurate description of the Firefighter Games (see attached video, in which the 2014 opening ceremonies include blowing up a car and RV, and check out the resulting 100-plus-foot fireball).

Family fun was never cooler than this!

This little piggy went ... nowhere. Lamonts' pet pigs to call Castlegar home

This little piggy went ... nowhere. Lamonts' pet pigs to call Castlegar home

The pigs have won the day!

At a special meeting this afternoon (July 9), council voted unanimously to reconsider the motion of July 6 regarding the Lamonts’ pot-bellied pigs (for full story, click here).

Fire/downed power line on Columbia, Samaritans step up in a huge way

Photo courtesy Andre Gauthier

What could have been a dangerous fire was dealt with by three quick-thinking Samaritans this afternoon, when a power line went down on Columbia Avenue at about 2 p.m., according to fire chief Gerry Rempel.

“We were standing outside the fire hall and watched the line go down,” he said, adding he quickly headed over to where it landed on the corner of 22nd between Columbia Avenue and 6 Avenue to keep people away from the live wire. “It was still energized and sparking.”

SMILE, Castlegar, you're on BC Assessment's camera!

SMILE, Castlegar, you're on BC Assessment's camera!

Digital cameras mounted inside a clearly-marked van will soon be on the residential streets of Castlegar as BC Assessment continues to use innovation to update photos used for property assessment purposes.

The residential photo update initiative will take street front digital photos of approximately

2,755 single family homes throughout Castlegar during mid-July. This technology has already been successfully used in several communities throughout British Columbia.

Residents told Sitkum Creek wildfire 20 percent contained

Incident Commander Glen Burgess fields questions from the crowd during a public meeting held at école de Sentiers-alpins Wednesday evening concerning the Sitkum Creek-Duhamel Wildfire. — Eva Brownstein photo, The Nelson Daily

More than 200 people gathered Wednesday evening at école de Sentiers-alpins (formerly A. I. Collinson School) to attend a public address on the
Duhamel-Sitkum Creek wildfire burning on Nelson's North Shore.

Incident Commander Glen Burgess, whose team arrived on the scene Tuesday morning once the fire had outgrown the capacity of local crews to address, told the crowd that the 380-hectare wildfire is currently 20 percent contained.

Selkirk College Community Education Always Available for a Lifelong Learning Spark

Selkirk College Community Education & Workplace Training is offering several exiting summer opportunities for both children and adults during the summer and into the fall. One of the offerings included in the summer schedule is a science camp in Christina Lake and Midway later this month.

The bustle in the Selkirk College hallways and classrooms slows during summer, but the excitement of educational opportunities never takes a break thanks to Community Education & Workplace Training (CEWT).

Each year across the West Kootenay-Boundary region, Selkirk College offers hundreds of classes through its CEWT programming. From jewelry basics to accounting and beekeeping to first aid, qualified experts teach courses 12 months of the year at the college’s eight campuses and learning centres.

OUT OF LEFT FIELD: Council owes family money and apology

OUT OF LEFT FIELD: Council owes family money and apology

I think Castlegar Mayor and Council owe a local family both money and an apology – not because of a decision made at last Monday’s meeting, but because of the way it was handled, which I feel was heartless.

To be clear, I’m a big fan of the sitting council, who seem to me to have a ton of heart. They volunteer relentlessly, are hugely generous with their time and money both, and I’ve always felt they have the best interests of Castlegar at heart.

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