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NDP candidate blames Boundary-Similkameen MLA of 'Wild West' fundraising

NDP Candidate Colleen Ross says Liberal MLA Linda Larson should disclose any of that money came from residents of Boundary-Similkameen.

Christy Clark blames the NDP for hacking their party website.

NDP John Horgan fires back, threatens to sue Liberals over allegations by Premier.

Locally, Boundary-Similkameen NDP Candidate Colleen Ross says Liberal MLA Linda Larson bringing “Wild West” political cash scheme to riding.

It sure appears a provincial election is on the horizon.

Ross raised the issue over Liberal fundraising after Larson held and an exclusive $2,500 a plate fundraiser recently in Kelowna.

Bats flying in the winter? Or, find a dead bat? Please report. Here's why.

Bat with White Nose Syndrome.  Photo by Marvin Moriarty.

Bats are an essential part of the global ecosystem. They save agriculture a great deal of money by eating vast numbers of crop-destroying insects such as Colorado Potato Beetles, and they save humans a lot of itching by eating vast numbers of flying, biting insects such as mosquitoes. For years, bats had an undeserved bad reputation, but gradually we are learning to understand their huge value.

CBT announces new Heritage Program

Trust has supported restoration and preservation work on many heritage buildings in the Basin, such as Kaslo City Hall. — Submitted photo

The Columbia Basin Trust is making history as it establishes a new program, a new partnership and new funding to support the Basin’s heritage values.
The Trust has allocated $6.15 million for a three year large capital grants program for built heritage and $600,000 for a Heritage Support Program that will see a professional heritage position established in the Basin to support a broad range of heritage organizations.

Trail cop runs into freezing river to save local woman after car crash

Trail cop runs into freezing river to save local woman after car crash

The fire department's river rescue boat was deployed and a police officer got to swim in the river this afternoon after an accident at around 2:45 p.m.

Trail RCMP top cop Sgt. Darren Oelke said it all stemmed from a two-vehicle MVI between Birchbank and Genelle.

“There was a small van heading northbound and a larger van heading south,” Oelke explained. “The northbound vehicle crossed over (the centre line), essentially sideswiping the other vehicle, and sending both vans off the road.”

City looks to shell out for its own multi-million dollar substation

A picture of the Rosemont Substation in Nelson provides a visual of what a Grand Forks station might look like. — Photo: City of Grand Forks

The city will be pulling on its reserves to help fund a new $5.6-million substation construction in order to reduce its power purchasing costs.

City council granted the early budget approval of $500,000, to be funded from capital reserves (gas tax reserve), for city staff to proceed with the design of the estimated $5.6-million electrical substation.

The project cost was significant and Coun. Julia Butler was hesitant to approve the funding of it, since the cost of a $50,000 feasibility study was not included in the project estimate.

After community input received, wayfinding signage design tabled by city council

The community had voted for the current sign design as one of the three options developed in consultation with the business community.

Wayfinding signage designs chosen by the community have yet to be approved by city council as final decision on the project has been tabled.

At its Jan. 16 regular meeting city council was perplexed with the final look and location of the signs, despite having significant input from the community and business community on its development.

The community had voted for the current sign design as one of the three options developed in consultation with the business community.

A solo skier with a sprained knee; Rossland SAR to the rescue

It's cold out there.  Where's a cabin when you need one? Not too far away, fortunately.

The Rossland Range Recreation Site's day-use shelters are mostly used by hikers, bikers, skiers and snowshoers to warm up in while they toast their cheese sandwiches on a stove.  But on January 31, the new Sunspot Cabin also provided warmth and shelter for an injured skier while she waited for help to arrive.

Speed dating? Try Skied Dating!

The chairlift can be a fine place to meet people.

Are you tired of riding in the singles line? Skied Dating returns this February with two events to choose from. Head to RED Mountain Resort on Saturday, Feb. 11, or Whitewater Ski Resort on Sunday, Feb. 12 to experience a fun and easy way to meet other singles who also love to ski or snowboard.

Paramedics: an essential service, or just healthcare workers?

A heart attack victim receiving expert care

There you are, flat on the floor with crushing chest pain.  "Heart attack!" you think, while the world goes a bit grey and fuzzy.  But you're able to reach your phone and dial 911.  Is this an emergency?  Are the paramedics who come to tend  you essential, or just nice to have, like a clean floor to lie on while you wait for help to arrive?

BC Hydro's $2.5-mill reno of Castlegar offices nearing completion

BC Hydro employees are looking forward to moving back into their newly-renovated digs. Photo by Devon Hoggan

BC Hydro is nearing completion of their $2.5-million renovation of their offices, according to spokeswoman Mary Anne Coules, who said the project is expected to be completed on schedule by April of this year.

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