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Not a lot of hot air: Flightfest wings into Nelson this weekend

Photo courtesy Nelson Flightfest

The hot winds of summer are blowing the annual Flightfest into Nelson this weekend.

The Nelson Pilots Association will be hosting the annual event, as well as the Airport Appreciation Day on Saturday.

This aviation event attracts both locals and folks flying in from across BC, Alberta the US — last year’s furthest participants flew in all the way from Ontario — to Nelson’s Municipal Airport (CZNL).

Phone and computer scam has NPD issuing warning to Nelsonites

Another phone scam is ringing in the ears of Nelsonites — this one with cyber twist.

A computer and telephone fraud scam is currently plaguing the Nelson area, with fraudsters posing as company representatives cold calling people to tell them that — for example — their computer is running slow or has viruses.

$100,000 up for grabs in new Community Directed Youth Funds program: CBT

Columbia Basin Trust has a new program to support youth in Basin communities. Community Directed Youth Funds (CDYF) will be piloted in six communities, including Nelson, and their surrounding areas this fall. 

CDYF targets youth ages 12-19 and will provide each area with $100,000 over four years to increase activities, opportunities and services for youth. The program will be available to the remainder of the Basin over the next two years.

Advocacy Centre extends its reach with new venture

The helping hand of the Advocacy Centre is now available online.

The Advocacy Centre has always offered many handouts and guidebooks for anyone able to stop by the office in downtown Nelson.

Now, many of those resources are available online at the Centre’s newly designed website, making the Advocacy Centre’s services more accessible to anyone outside of Nelson seeking guidance.

The updated website contains a “links and resources” page where visitors can view handouts like the Advocacy Centre’s Guide to Trouble-Free Renting, or Nelson on a Shoestring.

Update: Atmosphere puts Raid the North challengers to the test

SLOCAN VALLEY — A portion of the tagline for Atmosphere Raid the North Extreme (RTNX) reads "Real Wilderness."

After more than three days of racing the RTNX unmarked course in BC's West Kootenay, participating teams have no doubt that they are being tested in some of the most 'real wilderness' imaginable. And they have to be prepared for it physically and mentally. 

Challenging weather earlier in the week took its toll on some racers, leaving teams to deal with ill and injured teammates.

New grant and CP discussions have City well on way with waterfront plan

A new grant for “Railtown” improvements and some progress with CP Rail on accessing some of their waterfront lands has the City’s Waterfront and Downtown Master Plan process well underway.

The City has acquired a grant to add new lighting, sidewalks and pathways at lower Baker Street, or Railtown. Work has already begun in the area and is expected to continue until October.

City looks to expand wildfire protection

Three of the potential zones to be treated if the new grant application is approved

 With the long, cool spring and the lack of hot sunny days this summer, one could be forgiven for lamenting our weather. A quick glance around the rest of the planet, though, and all a sudden compared to the floods, fires, droughts, and earthquakes other places are experiencing, our somewhat dreary summer doesn’t look quite so bad. Indeed, in a digitally-connected world where daily disasters are de rigueur, Rossland’s little slice of uneventful mountainside looks more like a paradise with each passing tweet.