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Do we need a Police State Watch?

Do we need a Police State Watch?

Last spring I wrote a column called “Is this what a police state looks like” in response to the dangerous police actions surrounding the G20 Summit in Toronto.  I argued–as many have–that police states don’t pop up full blown over night. They develop slowly in direct proportion to people’s willingness to accept new definitions of normal.

Saving 'Face' on the 'Net

The Nelson Daily staff

The Nelson Municipal Library just added a new book to its collection.

Facebook is now part of the city’s library system, with the city-owned service creating a new page in celebration of International Literacy Month.

Throughout the month of September, people of all ages are invited to join the Nelson Library Group on Facebook — with the chance to win prizes.

David Suzuki to speak in West Kootenay

David Suzuki, this Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. at the Mir Centre for Peace.

By Timothy Schafer
The Nelson Daily

Inspiration is close at hand as one of the most influential Canadians of our time is coming to the West Kootenay this Wednesday.

Geneticist and environmentalist David Suzuki will be speaking at Castlegar's Mir Centre for Peace (7:30 p.m.) in another installment of the lecture series on his recent book, The Legacy — offering up knowledge and wisdom gleaned from his own life.

It's a legacy and lecture for generations to come, said the chair of the Mir Centre for Peace, Randy Janzen.

Rock Creek Fall Fair is as popular as ever after 65 years!

Rock Creek Fall Fair is as popular as ever after 65 years!

The 65th annual Rock Creek Fall Fair saw thousands of visitors despite the grumpy weather over the weekend. From animal husbandry exhibitions to rodeo events, entertainment, fair rides, and vendors there was a full slate of activities over the two-day event.

Carole James: Say it ain't so!

Carole James: Say it ain't so!

NDP leader Carole James was so quiet for so long, many of her own supporters wondered where she was all summer.  With the HST and the Liberals imploding, it would have been a great time for the wanna-be Premier to show her stuff, to take the lead, to convince British Columbians she’s no wasteful socialist extremist.


Then she spoke.

James is quoted in The Vancouver Sun Sept. 16 as saying if the HST referendum throws the tax out, HST taxes already collected would have to be rebated.

Maybe she should have stayed silent. 

Police release photo of ATM robbery suspects

Police release photo of ATM robbery suspects

Police have released security camera photos relating to four ATM beark-ins and thefts through out the region in recent weeks, including one at the regional airport in Castlegar.

They also described the car as a silver, four-door, full-sized sedan, with no tinted windows.  The vehicle appears to be a 2004 or newer model Mercedes CLO 320 .  The car may have lower profile tires and silver rims.

Waneta dam expansion official

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

Nearly 400 jobs and $200 million in wages will be pouring into the Kootenay region as the Waneta expansion project for Pond d'Oreille River was officially announced recently.
An agreement in principle was reached between the Columbia Power Corporation and the Columbia Basin Trust with Fortis BC for the construction of a second powerhouse adjacent to Teck's Waneta Dam.
Fortis would own 51 per cent of the proposed structure within the partnership, while Columbia Power and CBT would own the remainder.

Glacier/Howser report back before EAO

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

The company with plans to put an independent power project on Glacier/Howser creeks has submitted a fish and fish habitat report on one of the two creeks to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO).
AXOR's Purcell Green Power has submitted additional information required by the EAO for Howser Creek, in the wake of the EAO suspending review of the project in September of 2009.

Oh, deer Grand Forks

Deer grazing in Grand Forks; Photo, Mona Mattei
Although the deer count done by the Grand Forks deer committee on Tuesday morning showed less deer population than last year’s fall count, the ratio of fawns to does indicates the herd is on the rise.

22 area residents receive CBT volunteer awards

22 area residents receive CBT volunteer awards

Thanks to their commitments to volunteering, 22 Basin residents have received money to pursue post-secondary education or training through the 2010 College Community Service Awards (CCSA), funded by Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).

The $2,000 awards are available to Basin residents who have taken a hiatus of at least one year after completing high school and wish to continue their education. Unlike many awards, they are based on volunteer service, not academic achievement.

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