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Johnsons Landing resident said Gar Creek fluctuating for past few days

The mudslide covered the road leading into Johnson Landing. — photos courtesy of Dean

A massive mudslide Thursday that destroyed at least one home, or as many as five depending on who you talk, has residents in Johnsons Landing feeling uneasy about the stability of the terrain near creeks.

Gail Spliter, who lives approximately one kilometer north of the Gar Creek slide, told The Nelson Daily Thursday afternoon that on-site geotechnical engineers told residents to be extremely cautious.

Let's be healthy outdoors

After driving from Rossland to Nelson for 15 years, two days a week, Dr. Brenda Gill has decided to pass on her Nelson practice to Dr. Christi Hartman.  Hartman graduated from CCNM, the Canadian naturopathic school in Toronto and joined our office during the fall of this year and will take ownership of  the practice August 1. 

Gill is going to miss her patients in the Heritage City but those 12 hour days in Nelson were starting to take its toll. 

Parts of Genelle submerged as river level continues to rise; region offers flood updates

Lower China Creek Road and 17th Avenue in Genelle have been submerged as river levels continue to rise, but BC Hydro's Mary Anne Coules says crews are building a berm to make the road passable for residents.  Coules said flows from the Hugh Keenleyside Dam had to be increased, however.

Castlegar man facing laundry list of charges after incident on Columbia Avenue

A policeman suffered minor injuries and a 35-year-old Castlegar man is injured and facing a laundry list of charges after in incident in this morning’s wee hours that caused in excess of $5,000 damage to a local business, according to Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Debbie Postnikoff.

“At 02:06 a.m., the Castlegar RCMP were dispatched to a break-and-enter in progress at Columbia Auto Service on Columbia Avenue,” she said. “A male suspect gained entry into the building and was witnessed attempting to back out a vehicle through the garage doors. The garage doors were severely damaged.”

Logging truck accident halts traffic on North Shore, no one injured

A logging truck flipped Monday on Highway 3A north of Nelson, causing long delays for motorists. — photos courtesy Simon Lasenby

Traffic was tied up on the North Shore for most of Monday after a semi trailer logging truck had its full load of logs shift before flipping onto Highway 3A causing major delays.

RCMP told The Nelson Daily a Peterbilt tractor truck was heading west on Highway 3A pulling a load of logs at approximately 10 a.m. Monday when its load shifted causing the truck and load to flip onto the road.

The the flying logs came into contact with Nelson Hydro pole, knocking out power to some North Shore residents.

Engineers discover sinkhole in HB mine tailings pond dam

Engineers working at the HB mine site have determined a significant primary cause of a slough that occurred Tuesday, July 3, threatening the stability of the tailings pond dam south of Salmo.

Heavy rainfall throughout the month of June was a contributing factor to some seepage and the initial slough. In the process of relieving pressure on the dam, a sinkhole was discovered on the inside of the face approximately 1.8 metres below the normal high water mark.

Tickets, impaireds, vandalism - and rain, rain, rain.

Police are reporting … well, not much of anything, after inclement weather washed out most of the activity normally expected during the summer’s first long weekend.

Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Deb Postnikoff said people were out and about, and roadblocks saw a great deal of activity, but otherwise there wasn’t a ton of stuff going on.

“Between June 28 and July 2, we issued nine violation tickets, one 12-hour suspension, one three-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP), four 90-day IRPs (which are the result of blowing a ‘fail’ on the breathalyzer), and two 24-hour suspensions.”

OP/ED: In tech we trust?

Technology rocks.

Just look at all of wonderful things it has brought into our lives … I can sit here on my couch with my coffee and my mini laptop and send this to my editor within seconds of finishing. I can listen to 800 different songs on something that’s smaller than a box of tic tacs. I can tweet, google, facebook, text, blog, email, skype, youtube, watch the news, movies, and all my favorite shows from a tiny handheld device.