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by Kailey Setter on Thursday Jul 06 2017

As people and families embrace the summer weather and look for things to do and enjoy the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has some suggestions.  In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and the natural beauty of our country.

by Wayne Stetski on Tuesday Jul 04 2017

Canada 150 celebrations in Ottawa were highlighted by a mixture of rain, royalty and reconciliation.

by Dermod Travis on Tuesday Jul 04 2017

They're the stories that tug at us.

by Letters to the ... on Monday Jul 03 2017

To The Editor:

The Kootenay Co-op Radio series Climate of Change is a beautiful metaphor of what is going on. 

by Letters to the ... on Wednesday Jun 28 2017
To The Editor:
Whatever your view is on electoral reform in Canada, the bigger issue is that a silver tongued Justin Trudeau who asked for our trust, who promised us a government that would listen to Canadians, who promised an end to draconian austere governance, has just twisted the knife.
by Letters to the ... on Wednesday Jun 21 2017

To The Editor:

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord has motivated many elected officials in the US, to “redoubling their climate efforts” states the former mayor of NYC.  “Cities, states and corporations could achieve, or surpass, the pledge of the former administration”.

by Letters to the ... on Tuesday Jun 20 2017

To The Editor:

by Curtis Bendig f... on Tuesday Jun 13 2017

Kootenay Lake School Board Trustee Curtis Bendig wants to inform the public about the role a school trustee plays in keeping the education system flowing smoothly at the local level.

Which is why Bendig is writing a column about the job of being a School Board Trustee.

by Wayne Stetski on Sunday Jun 11 2017

The Liberal government has a lot of work to do to bring labour peace to the men and women who work hard every day to keep us safe.

Our Border Services Officers have been without a collective agreement since June 20, 2014 back when the Conservatives were in government! Sadly, things haven’t gotten any better under the Liberals.

by Michael Jessen on Thursday Jun 08 2017

(Author’s Note: The following letter has been emailed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau)