LETTER: Allegations of police abuse at G20

Dear editor,

My name is Lesley Tarasoff and I grew up in the Slocan Valley, BC but now I live in Toronto, ON. This weekend, as you are aware, the G8 and G20 summits took place in Huntsville and Toronto. I am sure you saw the mainstream media's interpretation of the summits and what was happening on the streets. However, a lot was not reported and needs to be made public.

The rights and bodies of many women and members of the queer community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people) were unacceptably violated this weekend; these violations include threats of rape and actual instances of sexual assault/rape.

Noise must be made about this. This is 2010; this should not be happening in Canada or anywhere in the world for that matter. 

Lesley Tarasoff

Toronto, ON

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