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Workshop on international business

International markets represent an exceptional business development opportunity — they provide companies a platform to build future business beyond traditional markets.

The Strategies of International Business is a half-day workshop offered by Community Futures in March, specific to BC companies interested in building the skills required to become more competitive in international trade.

The workshop will leave participants with a clear understanding of the steps necessary and the tools available to develop and manage a focused international business strategy for their company.

Delivered in partnership with the Province of British Columbia and Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), the key topics for this workshop are:

• Business environment – Understand the current forces of globalization and explore how business conditions and practices differ from country-to-country to provide a foundation for a global business strategy.

• Market and competitive intelligence – Learn how to obtain intelligence about international markets and competing organizations, and identify gaps and opportunities

• Strategic market entry – Understand multiple international market entry strategies to determine the best match for a company’s strategic goals

• Trade finance – Evaluate the essentials of trade finance and understand which trade instruments to use to mitigate and manage commercial, country and foreign exchange risks to ensure payment

• International resources – Understand how to leverage effective information sources to quickly find relevant intelligence, assistance, connections and opportunities.

This workshop will be interactive, encouraging a high level of participation to maximize opportunities to learn from other exporters’ experience.


The strategies of international business workshop

March 15, 8-11 a.m., Community Futures office at 201-514 Vernon St.


Please call Lisa Cannady at 352-1933 at extension 105, or email to register. Cost is $20 per person (includes taxes).