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Shane Koyczan: spoken word and in concert

In a world where poets rarely intersect with stardom, the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics introduced us to Shane Koyczan.

With a collective “wow” across Canada, the poet of our generation was found, and we weren’t even looking for one.

He will be found this Saturday night at the Capitol Theatre (8 p.m.) as the city’s theatre kicks off its new 2010/2011 season.

Powerfully engaging and authentic in attitude, Koyczan’s explorations are relevant to our times in the way that Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen are to theirs.
Unlike the musicians that he’s often compared to, poets rarely infiltrate pop culture. Koyczan emerges in a new wave of 21st Century poetry that dares to belong to the people and speak directly to them in their own voice.

Koyczan is both a writer and spoken word virtuoso. His first published collection, Visiting Hours, was the only work of poetry selected by both the Guardian and the Globe and Mail for their Best Books of the Year lists in 2005.

Koyczan is best known for his award winning spoken word performances. With his rhythmic verse in high gear, he navigates his audience through social and political territory with a furious honesty and a tender humanity that has brought audiences to their feet in New York, London, Edinburgh, Sydney and Los Angeles.

Winner of the US Slam Poetry Championship and the Canadian Spoken Word Olympics, Koyczan is an extraordinary talent that has blown the dust off of the designation “poet.”

Tickets are $20 for adults and $16 for students.