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Road Kings Queen City Cruise run over by COVID-19

The Nelson Roads Kings directors are now giving up, as the group have been brainstorming ideas as to how car enthusiasts in the area can continue to share their passion while maintaining social distancing. — The Nelson Daily photo

Add the Nelson Queen City Cruise as the latest event in Nelson to be run over by COVID-19 pandemic.

Nelson Road Kings president Marcello Piro made the announcement Wednesday that the scheduled 2020 show set for September 11-12 in Nelson has also been cancelled.

“Unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, so many things have changed in avery short time requiring us to restrict the gathering of people in large groups until at least the end of summer,” Piro said in an emailed statement. 

“With this in mind, itwas felt that the number one priority would be to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy, and this year's  scheduled show for September 11th & 12th, 2020 would be cancelled.”

Last week Shambhala Music Festival, Kaslo Jazz Festival and Kootenay Pride Parade were all cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Queen City Cruise has been a staple in the Heritage City every September, welcoming thousands of spectators to the Friday parade and Saturday car show on Baker Street.

Entrants from throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada would arrive to showcase their vehicles to car buffs who filled the downtown core.

“As most of you may realize, the planning of a car show that is of the caliber and size of the annual Nelson Queen City Cruise requires a great deal of work in the months leading up to the event,” Piro explained.

“This year was going to be no different and many of the Nelson Road Kings directors had already started applying for permits, grants, and began making plans with outside groups that would have allowed the show to grow.”

Piro said the Road Kings had a raffle of an engine in place with proceeds going to the purchase an ECG machine for Kootenay Lake Hospital. 

Piro said thankfully, the Lottery Corporation has allowed the raffle to be moved to 2021 with tickets sellers hitting the streets next March. 

“The directors have also started brainstorming ideas as to how car enthusiasts in the area can continue to share their passion while maintaining social distancing,” said Piro, attempting to find some way this year to showcase the works of car collectors.

“Hopefully this will encourage more members to gather for cruises on a Friday night or see everyone embark on a weekend rally through the area.” 

“Visiting some of the senior residential homes with a cavalcade of collector cars was one idea shared that would allow many individuals restricted by mobility enjoy a car parade,” he added.

Piro said the Road Kings have T-shirts for sale for purchase through E-Transfer (  

The club is also collecting membership for 2020 which helps payfor ongoing expenses like club insurance as well as current scholarships for 2020 that will help support two students attending a post-secondary institute.

“The Nelson Road King directors want everyone to remain safeand healthy during this time, and look forward to celebrating the 18th Annual Queen City Cruise on September 10th & 11th, 2021,” Piro said.