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Pothole gobbles up Castlegar residents car

The best way to explain my issue would be in chronological order but would require a longer article to accomplish.

A condensed version, in this case, is applicable.

On December 30th  at 3:50 p.m., our vehicle was caught in a collision with what best described was a pothole.

The pothole measured 48 inches long by 20 inches wide and was 7-1/2 to 8-1/2 inches deep. Potholes occur all of the time so why the article?

After reporting the incident to ICBC claims, I proceeded to contact the other appropriate authorities. I was under the impression that the serious nature of the particular pothole by its size and location on the highway (the pothole was in the direct driving path of vehicles heading west into Castlegar) would be addressed.

By addressed, I mean adhered to in a reasonable order and time.

To my dismay, without further details or photos, the hazard was not fixed until 22 hours from my initial phone call.

Within the 22-hour period, I believe our car was not the first and definitely not the last collide and sustain damage; not one sign, warning light or flag person was placed by the hazard to warn the public other than a yellow grocery bag placed by concerned citizen parallel to the hole 21 hours later.

In conclusion, words like diligence, competency, safety and common sense come to mind.

So I will end by stating that I believe commons sense was lost in this situation; the reward for it being found would be peace on mind. If found please bring it back for we are lost without it.

Lawrence Zaytsoff
Castlegar, B.C.