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Letter: What will it take

To The Editor:

Wish: federal parties' political hierarchies take first steps towards a cross-party climate ”war cabinet”, as suggested in the Green Party’s "Mission Possible”.

They model working together to strategically capture more seats and proportional representation, in order to deal with the Climate Crisis and ultimately also the generational wealth gap. Otherwise the polls predict the CPC potentially winning, promising more polarization as well as climate extinction.

The Green and NDP parties' lofty ideals and goals contradicted by continuing to split the vote, rather than find common ground, is equivalent to Trudeau's hypocrisy declaring a "climate emergency” and yet rebuilding pipelines. There is no negotiating with the climate catastrophe. “Shopping for Votes” (Delacort) i.e. pleasing swing voters in swing ridings, even when the policies are contradictory, is not acceptable. 

The World Health Organization, Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Public Health Association have named Climate Change “The Greatest Threat to Public Health of the 21st Century”……Just like cancer, the longer we wait , the more radical the intervention required and the poorer the likelihood of survival. I ask deniers, what would the vested interest that organized medicine has in this matter be?

What will it take?

Andre Piver MD., Nelson, BC