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Letter: Selkirk student calls for tuition fee freeze

To The Editor:

Students at Selkirk College are calling for tuition fee rates to be frozen for next year.

As a fuAnchorll-time student each year I have to pull out more and more student loans even when I have worked full-time throughout the summer. Diving into debt while being enrolled in school is hard enough without constant rising tuition fees.

Having tuition fees constantly rising is not only discouraging as a student in debt, it also leaves me financially unstable. It is not right to increase the cost of tuition each year, as it makes it harder and harder for the middle class population to continue onto university.

When signing up for a two-year program, I wanted to be able to count on fixed costs.

Freezing tuition fees would allow students to think through their financial situations and be prepared for the costs of college.


Jelayna Murdoch, Nelson BC