Letter: Pushing, singing, writing Trudeau to keep his promise

Letter: Pushing, singing, writing Trudeau to keep his promise

To The Editor:

Demos, the people, Kratos, to rule, put them together and you get democracy, the people rule. Not political parties, not political leaders, but you and I, the people rule.

Justin Trudeau promised to change our voting system so that every vote would count, which is so important because most of our votes don't count under our current system. 46% of us voted 'strategically' last election. That's almost half of the votes, and many did that because we were promised, assured, that '2015 will be the last election under First Past the Post'. And we trusted that promise.

But now Trudeau, cynically, arrogantly, says that it is “his call” to break that promise. Well, this is NOT Trudeau's call, this is our democracy, and that makes this our call. However you feel about electoral reform, when politicians break election promises of this magnitude, then our vote and our democracy start to mean little or nothing. Because if we let them get away with this one,  they can get away with anything.

Well over a hundred people protested Trudeau's betrayal of trust in Nelson on Saturday, and many thousands did all over Canada. E-petition 616 to parliament is already the most successful petition ever, with well over 100,000 signatures, and growing.

Now we need to keep on pushing, singing, writing, emailing ​,signing petitions, do​ing​ what​ever it takes to make Trudeau keep his promise. This is our democracy Canada, ​and it is​ so​ worth standing ​up for​. ​

Sjeng Derkx​, Nelson, BC​

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