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Letter: Let's put an end to strategic voting

To The Editor:

A strategy to end strategic voting:

The political landscape in British Columbia has been plagued by polarized politics for as long as anyone can remember.

Many voters find themselves voting to block something they despise and/or wasting their vote all together. The way out of this mess is to reform our voting system so that our votes are accurately represented (proportional representation).

With such a system it would be possible for altogether new political parties and independent candidates to be elected.

It would also establish a dynamic whereby negotiation between parties would be more likely. This is not possible under our current system.

I In this election we need to vote for the party that commits to reforming our voting system (and has the best shot at getting elected in your riding) and once elected hold them to their commitment. Please, lets stop this madness.

Dave Carter
Castlegar, BC