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Letter: Get Out And Vote!

To The Editor:

This upcoming election is important, actually every election is important. It is our opportunity to exercise our democratic rights. Don’t think that’s important? Look down south, there were 100 million people who didn’t vote in that election and I hope they think about that every day. Think it can’t happen here in sweet loving Canada? Look at Ford Nation in Ontario gutting the education system as well as city hall.

Do not tell me you don’t know who to vote for. The Nelson, the Nelson Star and the 'What's On Today' have all done interviews with each of the candidates, not to mention the interviews that the volunteers have done at Kootenay Co-op Radio. Those can be found at Kootenay Co-op Radio. Do some reading do some listening.

Ask your friends what they think, ask strangers on the bus, ask people whose opinion you respect.

Ask yourself are they running for something or just against something.

Having the right to vote is a powerful thing. And like Peter Parker says ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ It is your responsibility to get informed and vote.

I have so much respect for people who are willing to run, but that does not mean they deserve my vote. They need to have done the work, because if they aren’t going to do the work now they are not going to do it as councilors. And it is a ton of work.

This wonderful town deserves the best leader who can work together in a cooperative manner even when they disagree, actually especially when they disagree.

We do not need wall builders and rule makers we need bridge builders and collaborative thinkers. 

Thank you for you time and Please vote.

Stephanie Myers, Nelson, BC