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Incumbent Morrison prepares to challenge for Kootenay-Columbia seat again

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia — Rob Morrision — is taking another run for the riding as a candidate on the Conservative Party ticket — TND photo.

This is the fifth of five profiles of candidates for the Kootenay-Columbia riding.

There is still work to be done, according to Rob Morrison.

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia — which includes Nelson — is taking another run for the riding as a candidate on the Conservative Party ticket.

Morrison gained the most votes in the 2019 federal election — defeating NDP incumbent Wayne Stetski — and has set the stage for another ballot box battle on Sept. 20 with the two confirmed for the 2021 version.

In his time with the Conservative Party Morrison worked in the shadows, accepting the role of deputy shadow minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, as well as taking on the role of Conservative shadow minister for National Security.

In his time as the Kootenay-Columbia MP, Morrison traveled “extensively to remote communities and areas throughout” the riding, attempting to understand the real issues residents and business owners were facing.

“He values relationships and is continuously building bridges and solutions between government, communities, and the thousands of constituents he represents with pride,” noted his campaign website (

Like his counterpart in the election — Stetski — Morrison has spent over 35 years in employment as a public official.

His father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, which gave him “wide-ranging exposure to the Canadian landscape,” and led Morrison into work in many leadership roles and, as he said, “forging strong collaborative relationships within government.”

Morrison eventually attained the position as director general with the Treasury Board Secretariat where he was responsible for an information-sharing environment with all law enforcement agencies and foreign governments.

Prior to that role Morrison was senior executive chief superintendent with the RCMP in British Columbia, as well as a diplomat with the Department of Foreign Affairs where he was responsible for 17 countries in central/southwest Asia and the Middle East, and engaged firsthand with senior foreign government officials representing the voice of Canada.

Through his government work Morrison received multiple recognitions, including a Commissioner’s Commendation for Outstanding Service and recognition from the Prime Minister for his years of public service.


The 2021 federal election goes Sept. 20.

The candidates currently include a roster of five:

• Rob Morrison - Conservative Party (;

• Wayne Stetski - New Democratic Party (;

• Robin Goldsbury – Liberal Party (;

• Rana Nelson – Green Party (; and

• Sarah Bennett, People’s Party of Canada (