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Flood warning issued for the Kettle and Granby rivers

The BC River Forecast Centre upgraded their high level advisory to a flood watch for the Kettle and Granby rivers , and are maintaining the flood warning for the West Kettle River.

River levels have risen through Sunday with warmer weather and snow melt through the basins.

The West Kettle River at Westbridge reached a peak of 128 cubic metres per second (m3/s) on Sunday afternoon. Levels have receded slightly, and current water levels are at 2.15 metres. Current flow is 120 m3/s, which is just over a one in two year flow.

Water level on the Kettle River near Westbridge  rose through Sunday morning and is currently at 2.47m, with a flow of 170 m3/s. This is under the two‐year return period flow.

The Granby River near Grand Forks  is currently at approximately 200 m3/s, slightly under the two‐year flow level.

An upper low pressure system is forecast to push through southern British Columbia. Environment Canada is forecasting upwards of 25 millimeters of precipitation through the region overnight Monday.

This will continue to push river levels in the area up through Monday morning and likely peak Monday afternoon. The Kettle River near Westbridge and Granby River near Grand Forks are expected to reach their two‐year flow levels.

Flows may exceed bankfull levels. Flows on the West Kettle River at Westbridge is expected to remain above the two‐year flow level, and flows exceeding bankfull discharge are expected.

The River Forecast Centre will continue to monitor conditions and will provide an update as conditions warrant.


Real time water levels:

Kettle at Westbridge

Granby at Grand Forks