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ELECTRIC GRAPEVINE: Beating a dead borscht

Reviewing the list of candidates for the civic and rural elections has me wondering if there are some typos. That or I've somehow travelled back in time and my news is fading backwards with me like Doc Brown said it would before I hopped in the Delorean.

This makes me ask; if we released the exact same headlines from 2005 would anyone notice? It also begs the question; has the town slowly eroded since we had some of these folks on council or is it the residual effect of choices made by past councils?

That's a tough one and likely to put each of us firmly on one side of that fence or the other. Maybe it’s my cynicism or maybe its because I'm one of eight people in my demographic in the area, but I'm blatantly hoping for more change, fresh faces and bold new ideas within council.

Don't let history repeat itself. Send Sasha packing. Get over the borscht kick.
Even if we were still heralded as the best borscht hotspot this side of Moscow it’s not enough to warrant bragging about it breathlessly. If we invented it maybe, but we didn't so get over it. Is it an option or asset locally? A small one sure, but it is not a focal point.
Is Golden the potato bacon soup capital? Does Fernie hold minestrone-a-thons? No, and they have tourists and a nightlife so take note future dignitaries. This is akin to Sparwood’s blatant lie about the world’s biggest dump truck. Yes, we’re on to you Sparwoodians. Tonka called and they want their truck back.

In a recent conversation with a current sitting councillor, I may have stumbled across an idea that I feel has nods to the borscht crowd while appealing to my capitalist desires. In expressing my intense dislike for borscht continuing to be a faux-cal point of our marketing, I realized that if we made borscht into an experiential visit it may have some merit.

Let me explain. As of now, I see no correlation between a profitable tourism component and the faded allure of borscht. If we are to increase the likelihood of younger families settling in the area, we need to realize a visit to the key borscht serving places is no way to do so. These places are great for locals but feature a clientele so old it makes the Saturday morning A & W patrons look like a kindergarten class.
Now before some of you snap, be clear that while these are features, they are not focal points or experiences people will go home raving about. Still not convinced? Let me paint a tangible visual for you. Could you picture a book entitled Borscht: Pillar of Our Economy? If you can it’s likely gathering dust on a shelf next to the ever popular Border Bruins: A Dynasty of Champions.

Turn borscht making into an interactive process and you not only pull people from their cars, but maybe you pull more than five bucks from their hands too. My concept is to slap some of these borscht-making Russian residents we always hear about behind a roadside borscht making attraction. Call it There's Something About Mary's.
Families could stop in and cook alongside the best we have. Heck, dress them in related period garb as a nod to the soup’s origins and watch people line up to learn how to make it while taking home a 10 litre pails worth. That puts the recipe in their hands while deftly sliding 6o bucks out of it and builds a memorable experience for our visitor.

Regardless, I implore voters to back largely new people with new ideas that can help take the Boundary Country marketing campaign to the next level and see it through via teamwork and contemporary thinking.
The names are on there too, you see them. You know exactly who's going to stir the pot (if you pictured borscht when I said pot just don't vote. If you pictured marijuana I already know your vote, same as mine) so there's no excuse for going back to ways that leave us where we are today. None.

Also remember who of these names you've seen out in the community making a difference. One young candidate has been responsible for the majority of the sound mixing you've enjoyed at local music events, Another is working with myself to bring feature films to the area while welcoming new families as a realtor and one former seat holders' catering business is one of the finest we have.

This stuff matters. This level of effort makes these people the ones we want in positions around the area. How do the candidates carry themselves or present their businesses? This matters. Pride and a sense of drive is exactly what we want to see as voters, and some of these cats have it so we are lucky.