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The Daily Dose — Hall Printing Celebrates 100 Years in Business

Ingrid Hope printing their 100th Anniversary Logo on the Ryobi DI Digital Press. — Photo submitted by Tyler Hadikin of Stacked Films

This year marks Hall Printing’s 100th year in operation inking them boldly into history in the Kootenay region, and like any business that survives 100 years, change and adaption is inevitable and necessary.

And to celebrate Hall Printing’s 100th year in the printing business they want you to help commemorate their anniversary by communicating your stories and informing them of your fondest memories of collaborating with them on your print jobs. To help showcase these memories, they recently started a campaign asking for individuals in the community to share your most memorable experiences with them.

In this edition of The Daily Dose, Editor Jeff Sawyer dials up the tone(r) with Ingrid and Mackenzie Hope to discover what it feels like to run a print shop that maintains such a rich legacy of connecting people, their visual identities and their stories.

Check out the Hall Printing full feature story in The Daily Dose.

The 4 Colour Ryobi DI Digital Press in action. — Photo submitted by Tyler Hadikin of Stacked Films