Phone and computer scam has NPD issuing warning to Nelsonites

Phone and computer scam has NPD issuing warning to Nelsonites

Another phone scam is ringing in the ears of Nelsonites — this one with cyber twist.

A computer and telephone fraud scam is currently plaguing the Nelson area, with fraudsters posing as company representatives cold calling people to tell them that — for example — their computer is running slow or has viruses.

They then offer to repair the computer over the Internet, which can involve the installation of software, or people allow the representatives remote access to their computer. Payment for the software or repair service is handled via credit card.

Therein lies the scam. The Nelson Police Department warns that allowing a third party to download software or remotely access a computer carries inherent risks.

“Keyloggers or other malicious software could be installed to capture sensitive data such as online banking user names and passwords, bank account information, identity information and the like,” read a press release from the NPD.

For more information, the public is encouraged to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or your local police.


I've always been afraid of

I've always been afraid of these kind of things. I use the computer a lot and I know most of its secrets, as an analytics software comparison, but I am still worried that someday, somehow, I won't pay attention to what I'm doing and get a keylogger. So far, nobody called me to tell me I've got issues, but I'm waiting for that to happen, I've got some things to tell to those thieves.

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