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Angus Buchan brings his life story of hope and faith to people of the West Kootenay

Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan has accomplished a lot in his life, mostly through his faith in God.

Pastor and social worker Jeff Zak hopes the former resident of Zimbabwe can help increase the faith of people in Nelson and area during an event dubbed, The Gathering, June 29 to July 1 at the Prestige Inn Convention Centre.

“We are asking people and churches from all over the Kootenay's to attend,” Zak told The Nelson Daily.

Buchan’s life is depicted award winning film, Faith Like Potatoes.

The movie shows the Buchan family leaving a large farm in war torn Zimbabwe in 1977, piling everything they could into a truck and moving to small farm in South Africa.

Before any crops could be grown, the Buchan family needed build a home with no running water, clear the land of trees and shrubs.

Buchan worked seven-days-a-week for two years before the farm began to prosper.

However, the work taxed Buchan both physically and mentally.

He began a little church near his farm in Greytown.

Buchan turned to his faith and found that he began to regain his energy and his life began to turn for the better in many ways.

He planted potatoes in a season of drought, when his farmer friends told Angus he would lose his crop and then due to the debt, his farm. 

Despite warnings even from his pastor, the farm produced a bumper crop of potatoes in that drought year, and people took notice.

Buchan gave God the credit. He had other events happen on the farm that caught the areas attention.

Later Buchan rented Kings Park Stadium and called together thousands of farmers and families to come and pray because of the weather and drought, and thousands attended and later the rains began to come. 

He also began speaking in small churches. Thirty years later, after his first men's meeting with 240 men at his Shalom farm, over 300,000 men camped there for three days in April of 2010, Mighty Men's Conference  2010.

Men all backgrounds attended and many fathers, sons and grandfathers came together.

Buchan and his wife Jill began orphanage on their farm, Beth Hatlaim, or 'House of Lambs'.

“We’re hoping men and women will be encouraged and strengthened in their marriages and for those who believe in God, in their faith,” Zak explained.

“We hope for young people to be reminded that God loves them, that they are important and they can find a positive vision and purpose for their lives.”

“We want to see other people that are discouraged with all the 'bad news', economics and gloom etc of 2012, that faith in God  & their family also brings hope for the present and the future,” Zak added.

The Buchan’s have 24 children, who are mostly Zulu children who have lost their parents or relatives to Aids. The family has adopted them all. They also have five of their own children and nine grandchildren.

Tickets are $25 for all four meetings —Friday 7 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. Saturday 7 p.m. and Sunday 2 p.m..

Single meetings are $12.

Tickets can be purchased at under The Gathering, Angus Buchan.

All proceeds above costs are going to the orphanage on Shalom farm. Zak said the Buchan’s hope to eventually care for 80 children.