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Dumb video...but funny

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I don't usually post this kind of stuff, but this one just killed me...

Rossland Glee Club Flash Mobs Ferraros

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I must have been out of town in June when this went up on youtube, but it's pretty darn cool and deserves to be seen by more than 600 people: check out the impromptu singalong in Ferraro Foods!


This originally appeared on Bhubble, here: http://www.bhubble.com/node/22684 "Dexter, our Great Dane went missing today at approx 12:30 (Aug 27/11). He was last seen at the junction of Cherry Poppins and 007, at the Logging Road. He is wearing a blue collar with a bear bell and a black electronic collar. He also is sporting his Rossland Dog license. He is likely quite tired, may be hiding in the shade. He is a Great Dane, approx 170lbs, fawn in colour with a black face. He is very friendly.

Anime Convention in Rossland

A few months ago as spring morphs into summer, I canvased our beautiful city of Rossland to put up fliers to find out who is intrested on putting an anime convention in Rossland and only one store put a flier up. You see, since Janurary 2010 when Rick Mercer came to Rossland to film a segment, I was thinking on how to make the economy in Rossland flourish during the summer. One day was watching an anime movie and cmae up with the idea to have an anime convention in Rossland.

VIDEO: The Lost People Of Mountain Village (part two)

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And here's part two of the mockumentary

VIDEO: The lost people of mountain village - Part 1

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Thankfully Rossland has so far been able to maintain a great balance between real town and resortification. Here's a biting sarcastic look at the mountain resort world. Worth a watch, a few pensive thoughts and some laughs for sure.

Regressive taxation in BC - Vote YES to reject the HST

This is a cut and paste of a comment I found on the Tyee. It has a lot on interesting information about taxation in BC. Quote: How appropriate that the "Vancouver Sun" should today publish a summary of a new report by the CCPA that demonstrates why the BC Liberals were forced to rush out the HST so soon after the 2009 provincial election. The report is entitled "BC's Regressive Tax Shift" and the story is on page A11.

FOUND: Cute white dog

I just saw this posted on Bhubble and thought it would be a good idea to post here, too. http://www.bhubble.com/node/21458 I hate to see pets missing their owners, and owners missing their pets. I hope this doggy's humans come and claim her!

If it is in the Blue Box

Every two weeks, we put out our blue boxes full of recyclable swag to be picked up and be recycled. There are a few of you, like me, who still find some of the swag that the RDKB left behind in our blue box that they deem "not recycleable." It doesn't matter if it is a plastic DVD container or a cardboard box for a Super Soaker; if it has the symbol for being recycled, It should be picked up for recycling and be remade for a new book or a new reusable travel coffee mug.

Rossland's Anime Convention Society needs help!

There is only one person, me, who is doing all the work for doing an anime convention in Rossland and no one is lending a hand to help me out. If people helped me out making this anime convention in Rossland called Rosslanime, we can get tourist dollars.

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