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Latest update from the Southeast Fire Centre

 Fires of Note:

Wildfire Smoke seen from Rossland today coming up from Washington State

Wildfire Smoke seen from Rossland today coming up from Washington State

Driving back from Castelgar today you could see the plume of smoke coming up in the distance somewhere behind Rossland. Here's a shot from the Washington State  fire service showing the currently active fires and smoke plumes trailing up into BC and towards Rossland. I've highlighted Rossland on the map.

Another farmer's market in Castlegar

I thought this would be useful information for any members of the Rossland market looking to expand their audience. Ideally, we should have a Kootenay circuit of markets that don't occur on the same days...that way the sellers can make a better living and the shoppers  can have a better selection!

Noisy Neighbourhood!

I just HAVE to vent about the Emcon lot, since I live across the street from it. Let me preface this rant by saying 1) yes, I am aware that the highway resurfacing project is necessary and I am not saying we don't need it and 2) I realize that - SO FAR - no noise bylaws are being violated, YET, but... MAN, it's fracking loud and fracking annoying! They may start at 7am, which is within the noise bylaws, but still, that is fracking early for some of us, and, additionally, the noise goes on into the night! The racket is driving me up the wall and making me extremely cranky.

Dig this video of Trail!

See video

I get a kick out of this song. They lyrics are deep, too: 'giant of commerce and industry'. They sure managed to cram a lot of lyrics into it! Good fun, though...

Hot Weather hallucinations

See video

Maybe it's the prolonged stretch of 30 degree weather that's got me hallucinating again but it seems the hotter it gets the more and more thoughts of winter creep into my mind.

I came across this great slide show of classic style ski photos by Dave Heath and the jones for snow got even worse. If you need a fix, here's Heath's slide show of photos from this past spring's The Gathering event.

Farmer's Market on Thursday

I'm REALLY enjoying the Farmer's Market downtown on Queen St. on Thursday afternoons. Bought some greens there last week from (sheesh, I hope I have remembered her name correctly!) Rachel, who is gardening on a borrowed plot in Happy Valley--they were SUBLIME. The bunch of carrots and Swiss chard I got today were equally tasty and check out the Mango Chutney from another booth. I love these things and hope more local gardeners will start to market their stuff. The crafts/clothing, etc. is fun to check out but what I really am looking for is fresh produce!

Nice job!

This is great! I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens here! Thanks for making it happen, Telegraph Dudes!

Stingrays strike again...

Stingrays strike again...

 The Stingrays sent 34 swimmers over to Castlegar this past weekend.

14 swimmers received medals at the meet:

Kayla Green - Div 1 Girls - Gold - 26 pts
Eden Kormendy - Div 2 Girls - Gold - 28 pts
Diego Greenwood - Div 2 Boys - Bronze - 18 pts
Connor Dunham - Div 3 Boys - Bronze - 17 pts
Daniel Merry - Div 3 Boys - Silver - 19 pts
Madison Green - Div 4 Girls - Bronze - 19 pts
Jennifer Chung - Div 4 Girls - Silver - 24 pts
Martin Gonzalez - Div 4 Boys - Gold - 25 pts

Bring back the Old Firehall???

After lots of talk about it, I finally started a Facebook Group to Bring Back the Old Firehall. Why? Well, we all miss it! We may not have realized what we had at the time, but Rossland isn't the same without its stellar music and wine venue! 

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