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Winter solstice children’s book promotes awareness about mountain caribou

At a time when the forests in British Columbia are being cut down at an alarming rate, Mother Reindeer’s Journey to the Sun - A Tribute to Mountain Caribou, asks children and adults not to give up hope.

The book reminds readers of the bounty found all around us in nature and what we have to be thankful for during the winter holidays, as the days slowly start to grow longer again.

The book, a collaboration between West Kootenay writer Kathy Sager and Cortes Island illustrator Kristen Scholfield-Sweet, follows Mother Reindeer on her annual journey to bring warmth and light back to the north.

Margaret Tessman, the editor of Articulate Magazine, calls Mother Reindeer’s Journey to the Sun “a charming children’s tale ...(with) an educational component”. A

uthor Sager, an early childhood educator, hopes that it will plant seeds of gratitude in children’s hearts for the sun’s return on the winter solstice and encourage them to help save the endangered mountain caribou and their unique rainforest habitat.

Mother Reindeer’s Journey to the Sun - A Tribute to Mountain Caribou is available for $12 from bookstores around British Columbia or ordered online from

Photo courtesy David Moskowitz