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Music appreciation the theme at the Nelson Public Library

If music transcends language, then there should be no need to speak at author Lorraine Kneier’s music appreciation workshop at the Nelson Library. But for many of us, language can help to enhance our understanding of music, so that we can listen a little better. 

This free workshop, made possible through the Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives Fund, connects us with the language of music on Sunday, September 30 from 2- 4 p.m. at the Nelson Public Library.

Based on Kneier’s 2008 book Music: A Window to the Soul – Experiencing Classical Music through Informed Listening, the workshop promises to enhance the listening experience for our ears and hearts.

The event is well placed: those who will have attended the Capitol Theatre’s presentation of acclaimed pianist Inna Faliks on September 15 will have ears attuned and ready for more; those planning to catch the internationally renowned vocal ensemble Musica Intima on October 13 will be primed for that concert.

Kneier brings with her a lifelong interest in music and experience as a music teacher, educational administrator of music and fine arts programs, choir director, workshop leader, adjudicator, and entertainment coordinator for major fundraising events.

She hopes that the works she has chosen for appreciation will find resonance among workshop participants regardless of musical tastes or experience.

“It is the soulful quality of the great masters that transcends generations and cultures,” she says.

Participants will be guided through the music of Hildegard Von Bingen (Caritas Abundat), concertos by Bach and Mozart, and symphonies by Beethoven and Dvorak.

The presentation will include information about the lives of the composers and discussion of the elements of each piece, offering opportunity for a unique musical encounter.