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City of Nelson Launches Social Lab Focused on Climate Change

As part of our ongoing work to inform the development of a new Climate Change Action Plan for Nelson, we are launching an exciting engagement collaboration called ‘The NEST Lab.’

“The NEST Lab is an ongoing platform for Nelsonites from a variety of sectors, backgrounds, and communities to come together and learn more about our shared climate change challenge and then use their diverse experiences and skillsets to develop community-based and collaborative solutions,” says Kate Letizia, Nelson’s Climate Change Coordinator.

“Addressing climate change requires both collaboration and innovation. Solutions that emerge from the lab may be new policies, new business models, new programs, or new ways of working and living together – anything is on the table.”

City Council committed to the development of a Climate Change Action Plan in June 2018 to ensure that Nelson continues to show leadership on reducing its footprint and preparing for the increasing impacts of our already changing climate. The new Action Plan – to launch in Fall 2020 - will also act to both consolidate and coordinate existing policies and actions on climate change while considering the development of new actions to fill in gaps and address current and future risks and opportunities. 

Developed with funding from the Vancouver Foundation and supported by Travesia Partners Ltd. – a Vancouver/Nelson consultancy team with a great depth of experience developing and facilitating social labs - the NEST Lab will both function to inform the Action Plan, as well as to create an ongoing space for supporting and facilitating collaborative community climate change action.

Residents can apply for the NEST Lab as individuals or as representatives of their organizations. Applications due March 15th but will be accepted on a rolling basis until all seats are filled.

Follow this link to learn more and/or apply.