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The Daily Dose — Air Filtration Brings Its 'Roots Back To The Koots'

The Kootenay Filter Team, back row, L-R, Bryan Richardson, Matt Phillips and Kyle Grattan; middle Morgan Rawick, Paras Chouhan, Mark Shukin and Marco Gerhardt; front, Rick Arnett, Judy Kress and Kyle Downey. — Submitted photo

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In today’s global landscape of evolving marketplaces, small successful companies are often purchased and shut down, or strategically move from their small communities to larger city centers.  In some cases these companies are simply relocated to our neighbor south of the border to gain a competitive advantage, leaving behind an empty building that was once a bustling space of skilled workers and thoughtful design processes.

Such is the case for the successful, local 6-mile manufacturing facility that brought the Carbon Air Filter manufacturing industry to North America 30+ years ago Can-Filters.

As a result, leaving many employees without the job they had enjoyed and developed with exceptional value. And unfortunately like any business closure, this forced the displaced employees to seek new employment, which can be challenging in smaller rural communities such as Nelson, B.C., especially when there are other indirect economic downturns.

However, Nelson’s unique ability to cultivate a vibrant wheelhouse around its pioneering spirit through technology and innovation has always stood the test of time, and is accomplished by the people who call this region home.

Today, The Daily Dose is proud to introduce a new filter manufacturer to the Nelson region, Kootenay Filters Inc.

More Than Just A Filter Company

KFI is more than just a filter company. Owners of Kootenay Filters Inc, Marco Gerhardt and Rick Arnett, are former employees of the local 6-mile facility and have started a new choice in the air filtration and ventilation industry.

Carbon Air Filters manufacturing is now back in Nelson and they have good reason to stay. “We are pleased to bring jobs back to Nelson and put Nelson back on the map of filter manufacturers, which first began here over 30 years ago.” 

“Our filters specialize in removing odor from Cannabis Operations and Greenhouses, Spa’s, Salon’s, Fitness Locker Rooms and Facilities and any other space where you deal with odor issues.”

Their products are truly built with experience and integrity. KFI offer two different types of proven designed carbon air filters, the Standard Line, which uses Pelletized Carbon and the Green Line, which uses granular carbon, and is the first product line made in North America sourced from renewable resources. 

The two different options come in over 12 different flange sizes ranging from 4” up to 14” which can handle 88cfm and up to 3250 cubic feet per minute respectively, per filter. 

Kootenay Filter is also proud to be the Canadian Distributor for German based fan Manufacture RUCK Ventilatoren. These fans have very high CFM ratings for their size and power consumption, and when paired with the filters, they efficiently take care of the odor you wish to remove. The fans also serve to provide optimum ventilation in your room or building configuration. They also offer a range of accessories including, flexible ducting, flanges, intake filters, pre filters and more. 

One of the most exciting future initiatives KFI is working on is an innovative Filter Exchange Programthat will be able to help larger customers cut back on wasting their filter once the carbon has been spent. 

The plan is to offer the service by taking the filter’s back and repacking/refilling them with new carbon, and then have them sent back to the customer. Considering the heaviest filter they sell can weigh up to 150lbs, throwing 12 of those out with all that metal and carbon is a huge waste, and KFI wants to change that. Once the program is up and running it will be an industry first in North America, happening right here in Nelson B.C.

Since Kootenay Filter started manufacturing, their filters are receiving a great reception from distributors and stores across North America.  Many like the fact that KFI is 100% corporate free, and that starts with bringing the “Roots back to the Koots”.

Any locals interested in supporting local businesses are asked to purchase their products at Pacific Northwest in Nelson or Canadian Garden Supply in Castlegar. 

If they cannot help, please contact Kootenay Filters by email at Licensed Producers or Micro Licensed farms, please contact KFI directly at 250-777-7752 for sale inquiries.